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by:Teesso     2019-09-02
When the clothes I wore for the Turkish run on Thursday were still sitting crumpled in my basket, I went out to play again on Sunday\'s first holiday --
Running theme this season.
Yulefest is a friendly 5 k through Harvard Square in Cambridge.
Since the first race in 2011, the scale has been expanding, with about 1500 runners completing the race this year.
Due to the delay in getting to the starting line, I was already far away at the start of the race, so a mile was very slow, which made my performance very bad this year.
You can check the results of the competition here.
Yulefest is one of the 5 games organized by Cambridge 5 k.
In a very short period of time, the group has gained a reputation for participating in competitions that emphasize the social aspects of participating in these activities.
Like many of their other races, Yulefest encourages costumes and shares photos on Instagram to host competitions for both.
When I wear a Santa T-shirt, I feel my festive spirit better than others.
When it comes to T-shirts, the T-shirts for the Cambridge 5 k event are the reasons for signing up.
They are cotton T-shirts, but they are very nice in color and design and soft.
Now, the owner of the 4 event shirts, I wear a ton.
I think the Cambridge 5 k is not only their T-shirt, but also because of their postrace parties.
Yulefest held a block party on Brattle Street, sponsored by 4 local craft brewers.
Despite the rain and only 10: 30 am, most runners don\'t mind going out for a few beers and snacks, including soft pretzels and peppers.
The only downside to this race is that I think there is an unforeseen failure in the packet selection
Get up the next morning of the game.
Although early selection
Getting up is available on Friday and Saturday, and most runners choose to pick up their bikes and T-shirts before the race, leading to long queues.
I waited 25 minutes to get my package.
On the positive side, the package check is very organized.
There is usually a backup here for most races, especially in the cold months, as runners wait for the last minute to throw away their bags and warm clothes.
I have a sticker in my bag with my bib number that can be attached to my bag, so when I get the bag check area it is ready to be handed over to the volunteers.
Good bag check-
After the game, the staff and pick-up were quick.
While my turkey hangover is still on, Eureka is a great start.
Going to this holiday is not a bad way to burn some Thanksgiving leftovers.
As always, let me know your thoughts and progress in the running community.
Comment here or email me at RunAlongBoston @ gmail. com.
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