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swapan seth starts a dialogue with luxortium

by:Teesso     2019-09-08
I hope Swapan Seh will be late.
It was a ten o\'clock A. M. date and none of the Delhiite who was worth his salt showed up on time.
To my surprise, he is already in his \"transparent\" office, typing with his index finger, surrounded by art and super natural light
I am sure I will walk awkwardly into the clean glass wall.
\"I have a day\'s work,\" he said later in the conversation, meaning he has to take care of his latest adventures --
A platform for luxury brands to meet and communicate --
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Seth is an advertiser who has a clear love for the long figure.
\"I am one of those unique people who have been in the wrong industry for most of my life.
Advertising interests me, but it\'s not the seed of my soul, so to speak.
\"I have always been interested in consumption and luxury goods,\" he said . \".
He has been a household name in Taj Hotels, Hazoorilal hotels, Oberoi hotels, Schweppes hotels, Reliance Capital, Coca-Cola, Tata Steel and many others
At the age of 19, he dropped out of college, found a job in Kolkata JWT, won the first Cannes Film Festival at the age of 22, and Clio at the age of 23.
At the age of 24, he became creative director, and at the age of 28, he started Equus.
\"It\'s like having a big party for all your friends.
I think it\'s a huge holiday for all brands, so they get to know each other, \"he said at 100-
The strange \"friends\" he saw got together.
Excerpts from the interview.
How do you describe luxoraine?
It is a constellation, a collection of values and beliefs, experiences, brands, people, technology, design, aesthetics and big plans.
How did you think of it?
My definition of luxury is not traditional. it is about expensive things.
My definition is broader.
No longer a product problem,
This is about experience.
The world has changed, so I think slow is also a wonderful luxury.
This is around what I think luxorose.
Who is the member of the steering committee?
I believe your company is your company, so I know exactly which brands I will include in the first year.
Dipa Harris at brandesvo
No one in this country knows more about luxury goods than she does.
If you look at art, there is no better person than Aparajita Jain.
Similarly, DLF is a great luxury shopping center.
Then there is the reliance brand, and now it is Dashan Mehta and Sanjay Kapoor.
This is a powerful combination.
Finally, as a jewel in the crown, and American Express.
What is the plan for luxorante?
It\'s B-to-B organisation.
I want to make it B. to-C.
I hope to have a great online market that sells great products and experiences.
I plan to host a luxorante summit next year, where I plan to name some of the most fascinating names that have never entered India.
One of the names I\'m eager to get is Taylor Brewer of Monocle.
I have a Monocle envelope opener that doesn\'t matter, but the sheer pleasure of using it --
This is a real luxury.
Who are you looking?
We have to be careful-to the 35-year-old.
These guys don\'t buy a house or a car like we stupid people do.
They are buying experience
Spend their money on beautiful clothes, beautiful shoes and beautiful holidays.
As a country, we have changed because of travel.
What is the luxury today, and what is the difference from yesterday?
I think there will be a huge change in luxury in India as you will have 0. 41 billion millennials and Z generation in 2020 and they will spend $330 billion a year.
So can you imagine an opportunity for a brand to exist?
I also believe that the new luxury goods are cool. Take Vollebak.
They are a company you have never heard of, but they have made the most extraordinary achievements in technology --
The next hoodie and T-shirtshirts —solar-
Electric T-shirt and T-Night Glow-
A shirt made of materials that won the Nobel Prize.
I\'m not looking at Joe Malone\'s perfume.
I\'m looking at the Perfumer H. he\'s Lynn Harris.
No Vergil Abero, no Supreme, no Off-White.
This is the new pantheon, removed from the old brand of suits.
Even if you look at old brands like Burberry or Berluti, they have made a radical shift.
Gucci is the brand of our generation and the brand of my son\'s generation.
Because cool is the buyer of luxury goods, luxury goods have decided to become cool;
Cool has become a currency.
What international brands do you want to attract? Handvaerk —
They let the beautiful crewshirts.
It was run by a former hedge fund.
Candle brands like Cire Trudon.
Handmade gin-
There is a beautiful one from Finland called Napue.
It costs $100 a bottle, which is much cheaper than a lot of things.
The backbone is a regular brand like Reliance and DLF.
My idea is to have a party and say, \"this slightly older friend I know, DLF, and this young friend, Perfumer H.
Is to get a lot of interesting people together.
When they meet, then what?
I see a lot of learning process.
I put our money into global research.
I purchased one of the strictest research reports on millennials from a company called Trendara.
I also commissioned a third-eye company outside Mumbai to study Indian responses to luxury goods.
I don\'t think we can understand how consumers will consume luxury goods because the days when I go to a particular store to buy a particular bag have passed.
I will probably do it online, although the number of 10% in India is very low.
The purpose is to become a learning organization and
Sales organization.
So Vollebak may want to go to India, but I don\'t know how to come.
Luxorante can be a great opportunity and Business Channel.
Do you have any Indian brands you are looking?
I am, but they are small luxury brands that you may not have heard.
In terms of cosmetics, I will look at the handmade brand Ayca;
A chocolate brand called All Things, run by two girls in Jaipur.
From an Indian perspective, our contribution to luxury goods must be young, international --
Benchmark brand.
When you buy something in Sweden, you don\'t ask \"Does this have a Nordic vocabulary ? \".
So why are we so excited about Indians? ness.
A truly great Indian brand is available anywhere in the world.
So what is this new language? This T-
The shirt I wear
A brand from the Swedish brand Asket.
It has a lovely touch.
Tag tells you the cost of making this T-
Shirts and how much they make on each T-shirtshirt is.
They talk about the luxury of honesty.
They price luxury goods through transparency, which is a great thing.
What is the difference between luxury goods in India and abroad?
The classification of foreign luxury goods is very different.
In India, it is still the product function of some brands.
In other countries, it has entered a more special experience and handmade brand, and has certain quirks and attractions.
We are still a very bad country.
But I think we will find our Hagrid, our fika, our ikigai.
Bigger brands are cutting fat and getting rid of smaller entities.
The word I hate most is scale.
Fish have scales.
Handmade shops are a paradise of luxury.
Check out the market, the restaurant in Chanakya.
This is the best ramen I have ever had.
I want to go there for ramen noodles, which is my luxury.
They will continue to exist.
Unfortunately, some will be purchased larger.
Then I don\'t know where they will go.
Mass is the death of dignity.
What is the result of a corporate group monopoly on Indian fashion?
Enterprise groups are taking possession of everything.
Berkshire bought PayTM.
Will anyone arrive?
Look at the dominance that dependency has become, so amazing.
Or Amazon is like this.
It will eventually benefit consumers.
What do you think is the future of luxury goods?
This is probably the most valuable.
A conscious, rational, and evaluated generation.
They will make a reasonable choice.
So they would wear a pair of sneakers for six months and then sell them to their friends on eBay and make some money from the whole thing.
They will tidy up the luxury goods.
We can\'t do it.
They would say, \"Let\'s not spend that much on first class, but I\'ll buy a pair of Gucci shoes if you can save that money.
\"Very good --
Sufficient capital allocation.
Luxurious planks will be transparent, honest and sustainable, not the three words you use to describe luxury.
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