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summer cool: love of shorts, sundresses and jumpsuits

by:Teesso     2019-09-26
Recently, someone asked me what my favorite thing is this summer?
I replied without hesitation: \"shorts, shoulder-less sundress and jumpsuit. \"I like shorts.
I like women and men.
I like casual shorts and casual shorts. Cut-
Shorts and shorts.
I like shorts to keep us cool.
There is no age barrier in shorts.
There doesn\'t seem to be a social occasion where you can\'t wear them (
Maybe except for a funeral or a black man. tie ball).
Shorts are as sexy as party clothes.
Now designers like Lennon Courtney and Emma Manley make them smart and trendy, and they become more and more common in fashion language and our wardrobe.
To wear your shorts, you need to know what style of shorts are suitable for your legs.
Some attempts are needed.
But this formula will always support you once it\'s done. Flirty, flare-y, skirt-
Like shorts, it can fit the wide thighs while the tight legs look good in the shorts
Point of thigh.
Those \"dancer\'s legs\" are great people, as my father said, can wear almost all the shorts in the book, from customization to easing, from sports to tailoringoffs.
The shoulder is the sexy zone of both sexes.
In men, we admire their breadth and strength;
In women, we appreciate their sexiness.
For this reason, I like this year\'s matron dress very much.
They are so feminine and beautiful in women.
Unfortunately, even though the Tstand is full of shoulder-less bodice, I haven\'t seen any day clothing versions for sale in Ireland yet.
Irish designer Danielle Romeril made a white tight top this season and I think it\'s one of the coolest outfits of the year, but sadly no Irish retailer bought it.
I even recommended it to a very stylish friend as another bridal gown as it was worn with Danielle\'s big and soft sunshades --
Hat, this is the most memorable and cool thing I \'ve seen over the years.
It\'s kind of like a picture taken by Bianca Jagger in a white suit in the 1970 s. The 1970s -
An age obsessed with cool
I like this jumpsuit.
It continues the disco era and continues until the 1980 s.
I think the jumpsuit/suit has scared a lot of women so it\'s slow for us to hug it, but actually it\'s femalebody\'s friend.
If you think about it, this jumpsuit is not layered, raised or in bulk, so it slides the silhouette down.
It creates a simple, strong look that always looks cool and stylish.
Everyone is doing these things from Tesco\'s F & F to Oasis and Carraig Donn, trying this look doesn\'t empty your wallet.
In fact, I bet you\'ll be surprised how much you love yourself --
And my favorite summer.
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