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springfield police blotter: stolen car, thefts, more

by:Teesso     2019-08-31
Springfield, PA-
Springfield town police released their weekly criminal record on Monday and we have details here.
The blog covers the township events that took place during January. 14 and Jan. 18.
Police deal with cases such as retail theft, counterfeit money and stolen vehicles.
See full bloat below: January. 14 at 7:30 a. m.
The police were called on the tram track on Springfield Road to investigate a man who was standing in difficulty.
The police found a man sitting there, his legs blocking the tracks.
The man looked very intoxicated and his cheek was cut several times.
The 50-year-old Springfield man was detained and charged with drunkenness.
He was later released to a friend. Jan. 14 at 1:13 p. m.
Verizon Wireless, 700 block West Sproul Road, reported that two male subjects entered the store, cut off the safety line on two display phones and did not pay for it
They left the area in a car. Det.
Natley is investigating. Jan.
12: 49T-
Mobile, 800 block Baltimore Pike, reported that two male subjects entered the store, cut off security lines on three display phones and took the phone without paying.
They left the area for Woodlands Avenue. Det.
Natley is investigating. Jan. 15 at 7:59 p. m.
The goal of the mall\'s security department reported that there were three women in the store who hid their clothes and jewelry in their carry-on wallets.
The three men were stopped by police when they approached the exit door.
One was found to be an adult, and both teenagers came from the township of Darby.
They are detained and will be charged with retail theft.
They were released to their families. Jan. 16 at 12:27 p. m.
Beijing wholesale 1200 Woodland Avenue, reportedly passed a fake bill of $100.
Subjects attempted to purchase $15 items using a $100 bill while self-help
Service checkout.
When the bill was rejected, he went to customer service and received change for $85.
It was later discovered that the bill was forged. Det.
McNeely is investigatingJan. 16 at 7:41 p. m.
According to the AT&T store in the mall, a male entered the store and manipulated a display phone, triggering an alarm.
Men threaten employees with knives when store employees go to help.
The man then continued to try to steal the phone but failed.
Then he left the mall. Det.
McCarthy is investigating. Jan. 17 at 6 a. m.
A resident on 100 block of nigerwood Avenue reported that someone had stolen his Honda Accord car from the street in front of his house.
He said he had started the vehicle and had it warmed up for about five minutes and turned on the key in the ignition switch. Jan. 17 at 9:18 p. m.
Macy\'s, the mall security guard, reported that two male subjects had picked a large number of clothes and left the store without paying.
They entered the waiting vehicle and escaped on the Pike Road in Baltimore.
Clifton Heights PD was able to intercept the vehicle at Clifton Heights and identified three subjects in the vehicle.
Police recovered more than $6,400 worth of Macy\'s goods from the car, but not all of them were stolen in the episode. Det.
McCarthy is continuing his investigation and will file charges. Jan. 18 at 2:37 p. m.
Macy\'s of the mall\'s security department reported that three men had picked several bags of Polo T-shirts and ran out of the store.
They accidentally groped a few times on the way out, but were able to drive out of the mall. Det.
McNeely will follow up. up.
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