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spieth can\'t seem to get anything right at sawgrass

by:Teesso     2019-09-06
Pontewedra Beach in Florida. —
Jordan Spitzer did nothing wrong with the top 58 holes in the player Championship.
Since then, there is almost nothing right.
The latest episode is Thursday, and Spieth begins a crazy journey with the simplest scoring conditions. He three-
From 6 feet M for bogey in the first10.
He hit the water and hit bogey on the water. 5 11th.
He drove Green to 10 feet for the eagle on the 12 th.
Then his serve shot kicked out from one side of the bunker and into the water
Double avoid No. 13.
He hit another water on number one.
Once again, bogey.
It never got better.
Spieth has a 75-year-old child who missed cutting for the fourth consecutive year at the TPC sawmill.
\"At Augusta, I can feel that I\'m really not playing that well, I\'m near the leaderboard,\" Spieth said . \".
\"Here, I don\'t think I\'m playing as bad as I was at the end.
So for me, this is both ends of history.
\"Spice is bogey.
It wasn\'t until 2014 that his debut entered the fifth hole of the final round and eventually got the fourth hole.
He has finished 11 of the last eight rounds.
Spieth admitted that he did a bad swing on the 11 th and 16 th, two of his three balls in the water.
Otherwise, he did not know what was wrong.
\"On the 1 th, 2 th and 3 Th, I missed 6 feet people in total,\" Spieth said . \" It feels like he is a product of a rapid shift or rebound in the wind, 1 feet away from the right direction.
\"I didn\'t miss any chance after trying to crawl back, so it was frustrating.
\"He made the last six holes by 1-1 to save a reasonable score.
He was on his way to the shooting range and felt there was no need to do anything.
\"This is an unfortunate turn I might have experienced,\" Spieth said . \".
\"It\'s a bit frustrating because I\'m close to a course that hasn\'t brought me special results recently.
Philadelphia\'s THREADSPhil Mickelson has a new clothing deal with Dallas --
He called it \"the perfect clothing partner that allowed me to move to the golf course from the board room.
\"He plays like he should stay in the office.
Mickelson is wearing a long one.
Button long sleeve shirt
Not much different from the master\'s previous day shirt that caught a lot of attention while practicing with Tiger Woods --
It was good until there were 41 at 9.
Including three double bogey.
\"I don\'t think anyone will be a little overweight.
Better old man than me, that speaks to who I am, \"Mickelson said after the 79 round, although he scored the worst since 83 points in the first round of 2000, but he is still shaking . .
The partnership has made Mickelson a shareholder of the company, joining Houston\'s defense side J. J. Watt.
\"These dress shirts not only look incredible, but are very comfortable and versatile and I can play golf in them,\" Mickelson said in a statement announcing the partnership . \".
After his turn, he quickly clarified that \"we also have short sleeves.
When he started with a 67-year-old finish, Strick\'s choice was Steve Strick more than just to represent the PGA Tour champion.
Of course, he won twice in 50 games. and-
This year\'s old tour didn\'t take the lead in the Charles Schwab Cup until recently. But the 51-year-
The old has played five games on the PGA Tour, and he had better finish 12 draws at the walspa championship.
He is still on the fence about where to play.
Rick will enter the US Telephone and Telegraph Company Byron Nielsen next week.
He also entered the regional tradition of one of the five senior majors.
He\'s three in the evening. m.
Decide which tournament to play on Mondaywhich tour —
He\'s going to play.
\"At this point, I don\'t know which way I will go,\" said Strick . \".
\"I\'m either going to Birmingham or Dallas.
It all depends on how I\'m doing here.
If I can prove that I can compete here and play well here, then I will go to Byron Nelson. \"That can wait.
His little daughter, Izz, is 12 on Thursday.
She wants to buy ice cream at Dairy Queen.
On the island, the shortest hole played the hardest on Thursday\'s saw sawmill.
That hole, of course.
The infamous 17 th
Surrounded by water. Twenty-
One player hit the water in the first round and three other balls entered the water from the drop area or the green side bunker.
No one suffered as much as Matsuyama Xiushu.
The Japanese star went into the water on his tee shot, leaving the island at a short distance.
He took the next shot from the tee, went into a bunker, then blew it out of the green and threw it into the water.
Songshan went to the area this time and hit 30 feet, two-For an 8. He shot 79.
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