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Small T-shirt fabric knowledge

by:Teesso     2020-04-19
For a T-shirt fabric knowledge, the more you understand? To not worry about what to buy fabric T-shirt? Today let Teesso to help you solve the trouble. 1, T-shirt fabric yarn count: pure cotton yarn is made by cotton spinning with certain fineness, length, infinite, single yarn or thread is suitable for woven, knitted, line, rope, etc. The specifications commonly used English count, said cotton imperial count ( Ne) Defined as: the male weight for a pound of cotton yarn with the length of the code number. Cotton yarn of the imperial count calculation: male weight a pound of cotton yarn, there are several 840 yards, is called a few English. Such as: including 32 840 yards, is called a 32 British teams, and so on. 2 coarse yarn, yarn count, classification: 18 English and under pure cotton yarn, mainly used for cotton fabric weaving thick fabric or fleece loop. Medium yarn: 19 - 29 the British branch of pure cotton yarn. Mainly used in the general requirements of knitted garments. Fine yarn: 30 - 60 of pure cotton yarn. Mainly used in high-grade knit fabrics. A fine yarn: more than 60 of pure cotton yarn, used in high-grade knit fabrics. 3, carding and combing combed yarn: refers to comb with a spinning spun yarn, also known as not combed yarn. Combed yarn: refers to the use of good quality cotton fiber as raw material, spinning, than general combed yarn increases combing process and production of yarn. 4, knitting fabric gram: general is square meters fabric grams of weight. G is an important technical index for knitting fabric. Knitting products, in general, the heavier weight, the thick above the fabric texture is Teesso elaborate T-shirt fabric knowledge for everybody, believe that looked at the related introduction, your fabric knowledge on a T-shirt with a deeper understanding, hope will help you choose a comfortable T-shirt, if there are other problems continue to focus on Teesso, will give you an unexpected harvest.
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