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shocking video shows ny man throwing food on homeless vet

by:Teesso     2019-08-18
The veteran asked the teenager to \"look at his stuff\" when cleaning in a nearby shop \".
A few minutes later, he came back and brought a slice of pizza to the boy.
He did not know that the \"homeless teenager\" was actually part of a social experiment set up by two brothers in Brooklyn.
Mohammed \"Mo\" and ETA Etam etaim began filming a series of prank videos in early 2014 to become YouTube celebrities.
They have also produced 7 \"social experiments\" videos that highlight child abuse, prejudice and the treatment of homeless people.
In this video released on September 23, Mo and ET dressed their brother Omar as a homeless teenager and sat him next to a truly homeless veteran trying to raise money for food. A six-
The minute video showed people ignoring the old man but giving money to Omar.
On one occasion, a man wearing a striped polo shirt and a fedora rejected the veteran and laughed at his request to \"serve the country.
\"You serve your country,\" the man said, and then dumped what was in his outbox to the unfortunate veteran.
\"This is something that serves your country.
How about serving your country ? \" Having Omar look at his property while cleaning, the veteran quickly returned with a slice of pizza for the boy-at which point Mo and ET showed themselves.
Hugging the veteran, they handed him what was in Omar\'s Cup and bought a hotel room for another $200.
\"People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget how you feel about them, \"the parting message in the video says.
Residents near the Brooklyn Bay Ridge and the son of a Palestinian immigrant, the etaym m brother, who was criticized by community activists in June 2014 for filming prank videos in Africa, have drawn attention from local media
Brownsville and the American community in eastern New York.
According to the New York Daily News, an activist said the pair \"put life at risk \".
In a video, for example, the brothers randomly found someone asking if they were \"having a problem \".
Read more: Hundreds of New York workers are homeless, and providing permanent housing in New York City as mayor is a serious problem, according to the aMarch 60,000 report of the homeless Union, an estimated 25,000 people-2015 of them children-sleep in shelters every night.
According to a recent report from the New York Post, about 300 urban workers were forced into shelters or streets to pay soaring rents.
Mayor Blasio promised to provide them with permanent housing.
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