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Shirt what types of classification

by:Teesso     2020-04-04
1, from the collar classification ( The collar of your shirt tie relationship) Long sleeve shirt is usually from the shape of the collar, the material, pattern classification, etc. Let's start with the collar. Standard collar: the collar of length and the open Angle are not go to extremes, a general standard. Different color led: assigned a white-collar plain coloured or striped shirt, some sleeve and make it white. Around: dark buckle on the collar point seam have lift button, tie through the lift button on, get a department fasten shirt collar. Open Angle of the collar: the collar around Angle between one hundred and twenty to one hundred and eighty degrees, also known as collar of Windsor. Button collar: the collar point to button fixed on garment body shirt collar, typical American style shirt. Long pointed collar: compared with the standard collar shirt, collar point is longer, more used as a classical style of dress shirt. 2, from pattern classification: shirt design, familiar with common design, match with suit and tie to help a lot. Thick vertical stripes: refers to suitable for thick stripe beautiful case, thin stripes for about half a millimeter. Pencil stripe: very fine lines, as if to draw with a pencil. Impression honesty, used as a dress shirt fabric. With vertical stripes alternately: two kinds of vertical stripes interlaced, white with red, blue cross the more common. Tattersall checkered: two pinstripe somehow cross flowers, red, white and black color stripe is relatively common. Multicolor pane: former Scottish traditional clothing design. Characterized by the relation of two parties use the same number of dyeing cotton woven. Material used for casual shirts. Palin, decorative pattern, with the subject of vortex will pattern of its spread. Abound change, also used for the patterns of the tie. 3, to the classification of fabric ( Cotton cloth variety) As cotton cloth. The weight and weave of cotton used different, made of different shirting, tactile and visual is also different. Youth cloth: vertical with dyed cotton, transverse of the thin cotton shirt with white cotton thread, plain weave fabric. Light and soft, slightly shiny, common is the combination of blue cotton white cotton thread. Oxford cloth: the button shirt commonly used cloth, plain weave, coarse grain and color have white, blue, pink, yellow, green, grey etc. , are mostly for light. Soft, ventilation, durability and was deeply loved by young people. Gingham: made with cotton dyeing and bleaching cotton shirting, match colors are white and red, white and blue, white and black, etc. Both can be used as a sport shirt, also suitable for the dress shirt
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