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Shirt quantity body custom specifications

by:Teesso     2020-04-07
Shirt quantity body custom is divided into the following several parts: 1. Measure with a tape measure the collar around the neck ( Generally in below the Adam's apple) A week, when the measurement please relax and adhere to the natural breath, put two fingers in the tape measure and can easily scroll tape measure, it is not too tight collar of his shirt. You can according to your own fashion favorite firming or relax, but remember not too much. After such measurement method, the net size of the neck line and play version size are synchronous. 2. Measuring the chest please relax upright, natural breath, wear clothes less as far as possible; Pull tape measure around your chest the plumpest place for a week and put two fingers turn easily, and try to keep in parallel with horizontal line. Bust size and version of the scale is not the same, want a version of the division and the allowance. 3. Waist circumference or natural to keep breathing, the tape parallel to the ground, the abdomen the plumpest place circles put two fingers, can let the tape measure natural roll. The net size of waist and play version also is not the same size, want a version of the division and the allowance. 4. Measure the sleeve length tall upright, arms natural prolapse, from shoulder point to the palm in escaping position, also can be adjusted according to their own dressing habits a little size. 5. Measuring shoulder breadth tall erect, smooth inspect ahead, still keep natural breath, from left to right shoulder point quantity shoulder point, let the tape measure natural on the shoulder shoulder point, that is your arm and arm the point of intersection, is the shoulder to the point of large arm Angle. You can according to your own fashion favorite appropriately expand or narrow some data, but not too much. Net size of shoulder breadth and playing version size is the same. 6. Measure the length of different clothing manufacturer, may be different to the requirement of length measurement, due to the front of the shirt length and back length is not the same. Before the general length is slightly longer. However, as a general rule, you only need to submit one length can, master playing board can according to your figure data made an appropriate length. Of course, you can also according to their own love special indicate two length. Conclusion down quantity body is need you to cooperate to hold out a bosom, upright, smooth inspect ahead, it is ok to keep the natural breath.
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