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Shirt out can't resist the temptation

by:Teesso     2020-04-09
Shirts can reflect a man's personality and taste, as a daily wear more clothes, today's men's shirts is added to the many popular elements become colorful, is no longer inflexible face before. Crepe, soft light flax linen make men's shirt more soft and comfortable, such as white, beige, light gray, blue, yellow. Create a colorful world of fashionable man. Men are also made for this sorrow: wear shirt? Social occasions in the work of the man or men want to shape elegant, grave, easy-going its image, it should choose the neuter color, elegant shirt, with superior quality and those soft and gorgeous, personalized shirts should appear in casual occasion. Watching the runway after all kinds of fashion collocation, ordinary people or the quadrature in the compasses in back to reality, can't be as runway look very fancy dress, so go to the street could attract a lot of strange eyes, whether it's American, French, Italian, British but for the majority of Chinese men not so care, important for their good, mainly from the fabric and color options. 1, vertical stripes shirt, can modify body shape, generous and contracted style, easy to shape the image of cheerily. 2, dress shirt, dress shirt collar is wide, mostly in style tradition tailored suits for many years, with large opening wide collar shirt, suit v-neck supplement is emphasized career men bold unique personal temperament. 3, pink shirt, full of fashionable breath, tie-in color is similar to tie a bonus effect. Shirt style elegant simplicity, mild texture with the atmosphere of the age season very line, collar is given priority to with pointed collar or narrow collar, more emphasis on pleasant leisure fashion.
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