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school tells girls to wear trousers as part of gender-neutral policy promoting equality

by:Teesso     2019-08-21
A high school requires seven students to wear pants throughout the year as part of a new gender --
Neutral dress.
Little Abbey School in East Sussex, mixed school
Ed banned girls from wearing skirts, asking for a new uniform with gray trousers and shirts, a winter jumper and tie, and the choice of polo shirts and PE shorts or \"PE skorts\" in hot months \".
The rule is currently only for girls and boys aged 11 to 12, but older students are also welcome to adopt it.
The school website wrote: \"From September 2017, all new students must wear our updated uniforms.
\"This uniform is specially designed for many questions and suggestions from parents, students and school staff.
\"Specifically, it addresses the current problems of inequality and decency.
We hope it offers a smart, comfortable and affordable replacement for uniforms.
Principal Tony Smith said he had received complaints about the \"short skirt.
\"The students have been saying why boys have to wear ties, girls don\'t wear ties, girls and boys in different uniforms.
\"So we decided to start with the seventh year and everyone is wearing the same uniform.
\"Another problem is that we have a small number of transgender students, but more and more, so it is important for them to wear the same uniform.
Smith said the school has at least five trans students and some other students who are transitioning, but said that trans students are only a \"small aspect\" of the decision \".
Not everyone supported the change, which some former students called \"PC madness \".
A mother who criticized the changes told the Brighton Argus: \"My daughter said she had sex and was a woman, so when she had sex, keeping gender neutral is a big deal for her because she is proud of being a girl. ”A pupil, 11-year-
The old student Tilly wrote to Mr. Smith and said: \"The body of girls and boys is different and we should have the right to wear skirts.
I think there should be a choice for girls.
But Susie Green, CEO of the British mermaid, a charity that supports transgender students and their parents, said,
Neutral uniforms promote \"clear message of acceptance and inclusion \".
The agencies contributed to the report.
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