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ryder cup: tribute planned for seve

by:Teesso     2019-09-02
The team of the European Ryder Cup will pay tribute to the late Seve Ballesteros in his image.
Ballesteros, who died in last May after a long struggle with cancer, won Spain\'s victory on behalf of Europe in 1997, after eight appearances at the event.
He has established a very successful partnership with current captain Jose Maria orazabal.
Olazabal did not confirm that his team planned to wear navy jumpers, trousers and white shirts related to Ballesteros.
However, he has discussed the issue with Captain Davis Loff.
\"I spoke to Davis Love about it and he understood it very well, and I don\'t say more now,\" Olazabal said . \".
\"Seve will appear in our team in some way or form.
\"We will miss him very much.
This is the first time he is not with us.
He\'s a special person.
\"I\'m not sure, but the word is that we\'re wearing navy pants,\" Bunkered quoted member Paul Lawrie as saying, navy sweaters and white shirts like Seve are always worn in the final round.
This is our singles, I think.
\"I\'m not sure, but there are a couple of boys who mentioned this, and I think if it does, for people like Seve, there\'s nothing more appropriate than having 12 of Europe\'s best players in his outfit on the last day of the Ryder Cup.
If that\'s what they do, that\'s great.
Love added: \"Seve means a lot to the Ryder Cup.
He will watch our team too.
\"We have a lot of emotions on both sides.
We just lost Maria Floyd.
Former captain Ray Floyd\'s wife, who died earlier this month)
But that\'s what the Ryder Cup means, among all the other emotions.
\"Both captains have emphasized mutual respect between the teams, but Love admits local fans in Chicago will be fired.
\"I think the first tee is probably the biggest sound these people have heard to start a golf tournament.
\"I expect a lot of enthusiasm,\" he said . \".
\"I expect the outside to become very loud if we win the hole, and this is our home --
Field advantage is everything. \"As Jose-
Maria said, this is what you prepared for these people (the players)for.
\"You have to tell them, \'Hey, it\'s going to be something you \'ve never seen before.
\"We all know what good cheers sound like and what bad cheers sound like.
We will try to get them to speak loudly for our benefit.
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