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runways; luxury hides its face

by:Teesso     2019-08-14
By suzy menkesdec.
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For small luxury goods in life, this should be the peak season.
Even extravagant indulgence.
Of course, that was not the case in the 1990s s.
Death of thought!
Once again, in a long history that can be traced back to the scented Roman Baths (
If not exactly the skin of the Knight)
Luxury goods have been redefined.
Since luxury should have been thrown away in 1980s, you can\'t show off now --it fashion.
On the contrary, there is a cotton Yamamoto Yohji shirt that must be made by love (read costly)
A human hand, or a pure silk quilting lining on a sturdy wool luggage bag.
Luxury goods are still popular, but they hide their faces.
In contrast to the holiday season of The Wall Street boom seven years ago, there was metal foil with embroidered rattan pots and gold-plated chains.
Gifts are wallets that are appreciated because of their logo rather than leather, with gorgeous symbols on the tie and possibly the logo for the dollar.
Call it the rich carnival and be happy that it is gone.
But the flash of 1980s
Is Gucci really stylish and luxurious?
A basic trend of advertising in the 20 th century is that luxury goods are more than just status and show off, but more of a personal pleasure.
But in the luxury of 1980s, putting a brand name on expensive goods to send out a loud signal about prosperity made the problem confusing.
Advertising luxury is about the sensibility of things: the sticky feeling of silk on the skin and the itchy meat of fluffy cashmere, the musk smell of leather and the way you touch the texture of its pebbles are soaked in velvet with rich colors and the glitter of worn silver bracelets.
Luxury is not redundant, just like when Mary Antoinette grinds diamonds --
Buckle the slippers on the faces of the poor.
In fact, it can be as gentle as the thick snow pile that chooses the cotton T-of George Armani
The $38 shirt is not a thinner, cheaper version.
True luxury also means things that improve with age, not things that have new shiny faces.
This means carefully crafted fine materials, workmanship and quality are outstanding.
This is the difference between a hand
Engraved horn buttons and a gold plated button with any initials other than your own name.
But don\'t blame Chanel for her luxury, because Coco has started the idea of luxury.
Her rival, Elsa Schiaparelli, accused Chanel of inventing \"luxury goods \"---
Poor little rich girls, who carry their backs to the external symbol of wealth, wear a jersey suit made of men\'s underwear materials.
Chanel is a visionary who believes that elitism is outdated and is good for fashion democracy.
It is also important that her golden age in fashion coincide with the Great Depression, when sensitive people realized that what used to symbolize power and importance in society had become jealous and painful
After the Russian Revolution overthrew the Czar, the society in 1920s was very tense.
If people wear fur inside during the current recession, claiming to like simple clothes, they may also be afraid, not regret it.
With the development of the century, another aspect of luxury goods is the authenticity of fashion.
If the luxury goods before 100 were to wear 10 bird feathers on your hat, now it is to support an endangered species: Artist Craftsmen.
What you do for you-
An Egyptian cotton shirt or chestnut.
Shiny brown leather shoes-
Is the height of luxury.
The same applies to the family, when a wood-grain table is given new value, and when the Chipmunk is a chair and the hungry man is a carpenter, it will be something of the farmer
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Once mediocre and mediocre items have rugged grandeur, which is why Ralph Lauren\'s Polo sports store has \"antique\" leather biker jackets that are more expensive than their modern jacketsEquivalent on the same day.
In the UK, having country sportswear that looks like you\'re going to buy on weekends is considered flashy and new.
Dressed old and beautiful.
The attitude towards luxury goods changes with the changes of the times.
From the span of fashion history, people\'s attitudes tend to change over time.
After I cut Charles\'s head off, his lace van Dick tie and jabots went too.
Oliver Cromwell\'s collection of luxury goods is probably a maid who takes a bath for his Qing white-collar workers. Wisps of neo-
Classical curtains (
And the luxury of a permanent fire in the fireplace to prevent you from freezing)
Took it from a friend of Mary Antoinette.
Chanel\'s luxurious poverty has replaced the glory of the East and the luxury jewelry of Russia.
Inspiration for fashion.
The same is true on the contrary.
After World War II, a gorgeous fashion period came when platinum-
Marilyn Monroe, blonde in mink coat and Diamond, said goodbye to makeupdo-and-mend.
Some luxury goods are forever.
Who can\'t agree with the \"soft rich pile\" of shirts in The Great Gatsby \"---
\"Shirts with stripes and scrolls, with coral, apple green, lavender and faint orange, with Indian blue monogram. \" No wonder F.
Scott fitzgerrard made Daisy Buchanan cry for their beauty. (
After all, a maid or servant is by her side to remove tears for her. )
In this century, luxury goods have been a battleground between conspicuous consumption and private indulgence.
When the theory of his leisure class was presented in 1912, the show-off in clothing peaked, especially because the new funding was urgently needed to prove that it had entered the upper class.
Veblen also mentioned the alternative show-off ---
Victorian men encourage their wives and daughters in plain clothes (
Not to mention their mistress)
Wear sophisticated wealth clothes.
Walking on Madison Avenue today, you can see the trophy wife next to their Barry kisselstein --Cord bag --
Crocodile has $8,100 for Bergdorf Goodman with crocodile skin jewelry price tag.
The spoiled daughter is wearing Gucci casual shoes, hoping that the faint class atmosphere associated with horses will wipe them away.
The latest new rich class wears the black silk bow of Chanel-toe-capped pumps.
If you are going to buy a gift during the holidays, what is modern luxury?
The store reports an abnormality in the sale of cashmere, perhaps because it fits the spirit of nature in 1990s and does not harm humans or beasts.
The model of the trend is cashmere designed by Zoran. -
A plain, undecorated sweater that lets the luxury of the material speak for itself.
Luxury is more traditional velvet.
A patterned scarf looks as rich and rare as a Renaissance prince wearing this deep scarfpile fabric.
The power of velvet lies in its juicy surface and the way it is colored.
Thanks to its powerful simplicity, American Indian Jewelry is once again an ideal collection. A half-moon-
The styling plain leather Hermes bag is a luxury because it combines craftsmanship and quality but does not signal a desire for anxiety.
When people (of either sex)
Tell you that their luxury concept during the festival is to wear jerseys, jeans and boots and they will not be pretentious.
Unless, that is, their fashion freedom comes with a sign of how fashionable or wealthy they are.
A version of this article was printed on page 9009001 of the National edition on December 19, 1993 with the title: Runway;
Luxury masks its face.
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