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rude and crude: offensive baby tee shirts

by:Teesso     2019-09-13
I love baby T-shirtsshirts.
But I will never wear it to my baby.
If I did, I would do it privately in my own home, where I would laugh with my husband, take pictures, and then bury it in the attic before the child learns to read.
However, I would like to know if there are parents who wear these shirts for their children and take them out in public.
If anyone sees a child wearing a-that says, \"I can kick your child\'s--\'\' let me know.
After checking the children\'s T-shirts for six months for this blog, I saw a lot of shirts that promote the political beliefs of parents;
Sexual orientation;
Dad\'s favorite band. -or junior\'s--penis size.
I don\'t see any harm in this. -
In any case, for a baby.
But this is another example of a parent\'s statement of the child as a lifestyle, which is a bit frustrating. While a three-year-
The old man may notice how people react to his T-shirt. shirt--
Began to decide whether he was a fan of a Sex Pistol. -
Baby oblivous.
They are blank slate, the perfect life Billboard, all sorts of jokes from benign to dirty can be made at their own expense.
So, keep putting your child on a shirt that says \"F---the milk!
Whiskey t-where is it--
They are not scarred.
You may feel guilty and you should do so because even a baby is entitled to some dignity.
But children will never know.
Don\'t wear a shirt for your son that says \"My mom is the MILF \".
\"While mom may be happy that her spouse feels this way ---
It\'s not his own mother about her. --
When it comes to her children, the feeling belongs to their subconscious, not to their chest.
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