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rowan buying the fossil park, honoring veterans | cheers and jeers

by:Teesso     2019-08-29
Every Saturday, the South Jersey Times cheers for those who make our region a better place to live and laugh at those who are doing things that deserve ridicule.
Cheers to the expansion of education dialogue.
More than 20 protesters appeared outside a group discussion to discuss the school\'s impact on Camden to condemn the city\'s Renaissance School.
Public-funded private schools offer an option, except for schools within the state-supervised urban school district --
Appointed Director Paymon Rouhanifard.
Despite the protesters\' request for his resignation, ruhannifade said the protests demonstrated the importance of educating young people in the city.
Career, Renaissance, charter, public
Let parents choose their own, the most suitable outlets will stay.
I was annoyed to see Red Cross the green. An 8-year-
Old Winslow Township Elementary School students were sent home after a dispute over the color of her polo shirt.
School district policy requires students to wear dark green polo shirts instead of Kelly Green for female students on the same day.
While her mother admitted that the color was a bit inappropriate, she criticized the school for sending her daughter home.
In fact, the school code does allow administrators to suspend students for one day in each violation, but in fact, more importantly ---
Children\'s education or unanimous cheers: enjoy some good, dirty fun for a great cause.
The bill Botino mud race was held at Cumberland County playground last Saturday.
Participants pass obstacle courses for an important purpose-
Raise money for cancer research
The mud run was named in honor of old Bill Botino.
He died of lung cancer in 2006.
Director of Bottino, president and chief executive officer of his company (via television conference.
This year is the eighth year, and the annual Jockey Club has raised more than $600,000.
Ridicule: for those who think it is OK to shoot on city streets.
Police in Salem City arrested two men and looked for more in a strange incident.
Shot many times on East Broadway Street.
Why haven\'t the police given motive yet?
Fortunately, no one was reported to be injured, but think about what might happen.
It makes no sense that anyone unloading a bullet on a public street needs to face severe punishment.
Cheers: Thank you to Rowan University for purchasing the inversa fossil site in Mantua Township.
This huge property will be an outdoor classroom for students majoring in ancient biology for $1.
95 million the acquisition of Rowan will continue to increase its commitment to science.
Fossil treasure house can help researchers learn more about the causes of the massive extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, while expanding Rowan\'s influence as the world
First-class university.
Is there any other university that can say that they own a dinosaur cemetery and cheers to two important events today in honor of Gloucester County veterans.
First, the county will issue military service medals to 101 veterans in 11 years. m.
RiverWinds ceremony.
This is the county\'s 15 years of service to local veterans.
After the event, the annual People\'s veterans picnic will be held at noon at the Gloucester County amusement park in Harrison Township.
This free event is open to veterans, their families and the public.
Last year, the event attracted more than 1,200 participants, and we hope to have a large number of participants again today.
However, given the expected traffic congestion caused by the Pope\'s visit to Philadelphia, allow extra time to get there.
If you know you want to nominate someone or something to cheer or laugh at, please send the message to southjerseymedia. com.
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