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raiders shut out titans for wet nrl win

by:Teesso     2019-08-30
Canberra keeps NRL clean table for the first time in six years, 21-
A wet Sunday in Gold Coast.
In a game full of mistakes, it was the attackers who made better use of their chances in the new encouraging performancelook side.
The Titans will sweat for two and a half Health, Ashley Taylor is late, and Tyrone Roberts leaves within 15 minutes of the opening.
Center-back Taylor is unable to overcome complaints about the triceps, while Jiang Roberts may be injured by an Achilles tendon injury.
This forced center Tyrone Picche to split into two halves to partner with AJ Brimson, who was initially selected to sit on the bench.
Taylor is hoping to come back next week, and while initial reports say Roberts has no tendon break, five
Eighth place is still likely to face long-term restrictions in the sideline industry. The cobbled-
However, the two could not detect too often, and Titan coughed seven balls in the first half to get in the way of any motivation that their solid defense gave them.
Canberra takes advantage of this slowly, with Jarrod Croker taking 4-
0 lead when the rain falls.
Sia Soliola first came to Josh Hodgson\'s grubber during a 10-minute halftime break0 lead.
Another Michael Gordon.
At the beginning of the second half price
One of the 27 combination mistakes in the game-
Providing a platform for Raiders to score more points, Joy leroa is obligated on the right side.
Prior to winger Bailey Simonson\'s first show goal, Brison tried an unallowed attempt, with one goal from Aidan Sezer winning Ricky Stewart\'s man
Stuart praised the team\'s maturity in terms of test conditions, as well as the new mix of Aidan Seze and Jack Wilton in game management.
Our kick game. . .
Very, very powerful;
It was a clear factor in the game, \"said Stuart, who sat on the sidelines in a polo shirt.
\"There was some tough and brutal defense at the time. . .
We managed a lot of games very well.
The Raiders siege gavel Josh Papalii talked about the game against Kun\'s native teammates Jarrod Wallace and Jai arrows, while the British John Bateman\'s impression of the first bid was 30 steals and 163 months of operation.
Brennan said it was easy to see what went wrong. \"It hurt (
Lost Taylor and Roberts;
We were a little rude and made too many mistakes when we played football, \"he said. \"Defensively . . .
We lifted the gloves very well.
But if you don\'t complete your defense, you will eventually give in.
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