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Pure cotton t-shirts custom

by:Teesso     2020-04-10
T-shirts look simple, but not simple, it contains some information Teesso to introduce the knowledge of these t-shirts today believe that most people are not clear and understand, isn't that true, everyone looked down will know! 1, dyeing of reactive dyes dyeing and reactive dyeing. The reactive dyes to dye fastness is low, every easy fade; Reactive dyes to dye colored high fastness, resistance to water, colour is pure. 2, t-shirts yarn's comb and combed, plain woven and imported large circular woven. Comb, feel is coarser, hard, full combed handle delicate, soft: ordinary weaving, cloth easy deformation. Imported large circular woven, uniform cloth closely, no deformation, wear comfortable. 3, design, printing with heat transfer pyrograph and low precision screen printing and high precision screen printing, etc. 4, t-shirts g refers to the fabric weight per square meter, g - 120 The heavier the grams 220 grams of the fabric is thicker. Is too thin, durable and washable is poorer, too thick in the hot, therefore, should choose 180 - 220 grams of weight T-shirt wearing more comfortable. 5, printing ink with homemade inks, color dim; The import thermosetting ink environmental protection, colour is strong, washable, harmless to the human body. 6, round collar shirt is commonly knitting, lapel t-shirts is woven in general. 7, t-shirts printed generally divided into local printing and covered in printing. 8, pure color T-shirt is also called the blank t-shirts, pattern can be printed, printed or not, wearing directly. Now the eight knowledge everyone understands, mind the little tailor believe choose time in the future will be more comfortable!
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