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Pure cotton T-shirt what are washing deformation of small doohickey

by:Teesso     2020-04-10
With the advent of summer, t-shirts are the essentials in the summer, especially for some young people, prefer some character pattern of a T-shirt. Customized t-shirts are mostly cotton cloth, wash it'll easy to deformation, white T-shirt is bad also easy to yellow, this is something that many people are very headache. Here is to share some experience, hope in this summer to protect your love clothes. 1, the best water temperature 30 degrees - washing 35 degrees, soak a few minutes, but should not be too long, do not twist dry, after washing the shade to dry in ventilation, not in the sun insolates, lest fade. 2, use an acid washing supplies ( For example, soap) The neutralization, if use pure cotton special detergent it better good cough up, another summer must change (frequently wash frequently General 3 days) , so they don't keep sweat too long on the clothing, frequently change can prevent white t-shirts turn yellow. 3, when hang the garment body and tidy up the collar, avoid upwards, the collar of my clothes can't cross the rubbing, wash after don't twist dry, hang directly, not to sun exposure. 4, washing colored fabric T-shirt, you can add 1 - to the detergent 2 tablespoons vinegar, also can prevent the clothes fade. 5, in your white T-shirt, add a certain amount of softener, best can prevent T-shirt corrugate. If use the washing machine washing, must immediately after the dry air is basked in. When do a group of t-shirts often, T-shirt clothing fibers longer easy due to the distortion and therefore should be flattened to dry immediately after processing. Above is a very practical method, to form a good habit of washing, can prolong the life of garment of love.
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