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Pure cotton shirts washing matters needing attention

by:Teesso     2020-04-09
This is love to wear a pure cotton T-shirt, handsome and many girls want to know. Cotton T-shirt less elastic, easy to deformation, you had better use when washing hand washing, avoid using a brush, don't be too hard to rub. Really need to machine wash, please clothes, pattern inward cleaning; , after washing machine wash clothes have deformation, can use an iron; Strong alkali resistance of pure cotton T-shirt, not acid, good high temperature resistance, can use all sorts of soap or detergent washing. Before washing, soaking in water for a few minutes, but shoulds not be too long, so as to avoid color is damaged. Close-fitting clothes do not soak in hot water, lest make the protein in perspiration solidified and adhesion on the garment, and there will be a yellow sweat stain, so the summer T-shirt also wasn't hot water immersion. Cotton T-shirt certainly exist decoloring phenomenon, for the first time to get the clothes to wash first, with clear water to add a few salt to soak for 10 minutes, then hand washing with soap, can better maintain the color of the clothes. But washing powder has whitening ingredients, can damage garment pattern paint, please do not use detergent soak too long. Washing the best water temperature of 40 - with detergent 50oC。 Rinse, can grasp the 'smaller' approach, where each wash not use a lot of water; But want to wash a few times more. Every time after washing the t-shirts should be dry, on the second rinse again, in order to improve the washing efficiency. T-shirt neckline cannot cross the rubbing. After wash gently twist dry should be ventilated cool place to dry clothes, in order to avoid exposure in the sun, make the fabric coloured fades. Dries the garment body and tidy up the collar, avoid upwards, not exposure in the sun. The above content is the matters needing attention about T-shirt washing, you can continue to focus on Teesso, will give you an unexpected harvest.
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