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princess mononoke costume

by:Teesso     2019-11-12
Thank you for your support and comments!
This is really important to me, thank you all! ! :-
This is the first time I have ever experienced a space game!
I really want to be a ghost Princess on Halloween.
I \'ve never played a play before, so I don\'t know where to start.
I thought I would buy clothes online but after seeing the price (800RMB)
Clothing is made from cheap materials and I decided to make it myself and share my experience as a San for otherswould-
Play the role of Princess ghost
Please take a look at my official portfolio at deviantART account: for masks, I chose to use paper Maher and cover it with a layer of paper clay following this amazing tutorial below: I made a prototype of a cardboard knife, covered it with a paste of paper, then drew it and followed this method again by the same author as the Mask Tutorial: It\'s easy, I just used the black cotton tape that I lay in the scrap drawer and attached the paper Mike River circle that was left by drilling holes from the mask.
As for the armband, I just used some spare bra straps.
Necklace: I was lucky to find a cheap necklace in a shop that looked like a fangs, so I didn\'t need to make my own fangs with clay.
Dress: I look everywhere on Taobao (
China shopping website)
For a suitable dress, it will be like the blue one in San, I found a dress with the back of the dress gradually getting longer but the front is shorter.
This is not the same as the San dress, but it is quite suitable.
Coat: I have a cheap white vest, cut the bottom and sew the sides to the seam of the arm so that it will crack like the coat of the San, but will not crack (
The picture can explain this better than me)
Shoes: I can improve this.
I chose to wear brown leather boots because I was a little small and wanted to look a little higher.
But the shoes don\'t look like San\'s hide mocassins at all. . . .
Fur cloak hood: bought some fur on Taobao, the price of 50 cm x 180 cm is 75 yuan, which is enough for me. :D1.
First of all, buy a pot cover about the same size as your face.
This will be your paper model.
I remove the lid handle because I am worried that the screws that attach the handle to the lid will be indented on the mask.
Cover it with clingfilm for easy disassembly. Paper mache!
You can do this with white glue, but because (
Very frustrating to me)
I can\'t find white glue in the Chinese stationery store. I made my own glue formula, which is 1 flour to 4 water, and prevented mildew with a little salt.
Stir the mixture fully (
Block prevention)
Put it in the pan and cook it on the stove.
Let it cook 2-
Pour into the closed container after 3 minutes.
You can put it in the fridge for a week.
I started with a white ground floor so it was easier to draw on the floor.
This mask has eight to nine layers of paper. mache.
Dry every two floors.
I was impatient so I used a hair dryer to speed it up. 3.
By pulling the adhesive film, extract the wet and fragile mask from the lid, and then remove the adhesive film to allow it to dry completely.
When this happens, work on the ear (next step)
I made my ears when the mask was dry.
Please refer to the picture of how I engrave my ears. 1.
Cut the rough ear shape from the card and the Grain box card is OK.
I used an old cake box.
Give an ear to the base at the bottom. 2.
Cut a long and wide band and stick it to the card with tape.
Bend the strap to the other side of the ear and stick it with tape.
Remember the point you left at the bottom of the ear root?
Tie it to the strap and you have the bottom of your ear. 3.
Take another wide strap and tape the top of the last one. 4.
Now the bending of the ear is forming, but it is very cylindrical.
We are going to make a cone of the ear tip.
Use short but wide strips and tape above the previous one.
Tape both ends of the ear root.
Then tear off the center of the strap and pull them together to make the cone.
Stick the tape together. 5.
Tip of the ear: take a narrow band and tie the base to the card exposed by the tip of the ear.
You should notice that the card that is exposed at the tip of the ear is in the shape of a diamond. (
Please refer to the picture)
Fold in the middle of the diamond with your strap (
Very sharp ears)
Tidy up the extra parts and stick them with tape.
There should be a nice, tapering curve behind your ears. :-D6.
Make the whole thing a mummy with tape and paper
Mache is not very good with the traditional transparent plastic tape I use. (
I could have glued the card together with masking tape, but I found masking tape very weak in stressful situations, so I prefer to stick things together with plastic tape, then cover with masking tape. )7.
Repeat the steps of the second ear, but if you want to work on both ears at the same time, that\'s fine.
One of my ears is much longer than the other, so I cut the bottom of the longer ear to match the shorter one and press it to the bottom, firmly8. Paper mache!
When you layered the newspaper, you may notice ugly bumps and hard edges on your ears.
To fix this, I just used paper towels to remove the bumps and ridges and then went ahead and layered the newspaper on it. Problem solved!
I used two layers of paper and the last one was photocopier paper.
Dry your ears and masks completely.
We will apply a layer of paper clay to the mask, give it rigidity and add details. 1.
Draw the details of the San mask.
I use the grid to help me. :-)
Pay attention to where your eyes will be and adjust the scale accordingly.
My eyes will look at the small triangle at the bottom of the mask \"eyes.
The mouth of the mask will certainly be where my mouth is. 2.
Cut holes carefully with very sharp, precise blades-
Small triangle around the eyes, mouth and eyes.
Go straight through, otherwise you will end up with a sloping uneven edge and you will have to trim and polish later.
Doing it slowly will make it a lot easier and you are not likely to slip.
Maybe the drill can also do the task, but I don\'t have the drill on me, so I dropped my little paper --
Cut the knife into the profile and use the saw motion to remove the hole machining.
Save the circle you cut off.
We can use these earrings for San and decorations on her head. 3.
Add a thin layer of paper clay to the mask. (
I don\'t want to add too thick layers because I don\'t want the mask to be too heavy. )
Smooth it into the mask and blend the edges.
Help you with a lot of water and make the surface smooth. 4.
Roll with paper clay into long, thin sausages and stick them to the decorative details of the mask.
Remember to smooth the edges with water to ensure a uniform thickness of the sausage.
You don\'t want too thick mouth, too thin eyes. 5.
Dry completely.
If you live in a dry climate like me, it shouldn\'t take too long.
Note: while mixing the edge of the clay, you may need to make sure that there is extra clay on the edge of the mix.
The edge of the detail on my mask was slightly cracked because I wiped a lot of clay off while mixing.
Of course, you can add more clay later when the clay is dry, but it won\'t be as strong as a single uncracked clay layer.
When the mask is dry, it may be tempting to start painting the ear first, but because you will mix the paint color of the mask, the mask is the same color as the ear, it is wise to wait and draw at the same time.
You can draw masks and ears when they are completely dry.
I make sobase1 with acrylic paint.
Mix your paint color with the main color base of the San mask.
I mixed 3 fresh red, 1 magenta, 1/2 Brown, 1/2 yellow and dark brown tingling.
Dark Brown has a long way to go, so I added a little bit at a time until I got the color I wanted.
Of course, you can mix colors in any way you want, depending on whether you want a brightly colored mask or a slightly dim one like me.
Remember your paint ratio in case you need to mix more later.
Apply ears in the same color. 2.
The first layer of paint will look a bit off.
If you really want one
Looking at the mask, you can leave it like this and go straight to the yellow detail.
I wanted a more solid color so I applied another layer and the color became brighter.
Do the same for the ears. DETAILS3.
To decorate the details, mix some yellow and brown.
I used plain, non-mixed yellow for the first time, but I found the color very flat and thin.
After adding some bronze, it was exactly the color I wanted.
Don\'t worry about the mess, you can clean up the details later. 4.
Use a smaller, finer brush to clean up the details with the red color you previously mixed.
If your paint is used up or dry, mix some (
That\'s why you need to remember the proportions of the paint colors you use. 5. Leave to dry.
If you think your mask is too bright, you can apply a thin layer of dark brown on it when it is dry. FINISHING6.
Draw the back of the ear, the back of the mask and the original edge.
Mix black with a little dark brown (
This is to make the black look less flat)
Draw the back of the ear, the back of the mask and the original edges around the mask, eyes and mouth holes. (
Please refer to the photos. )
A small and hard brush is very helpful for this.
I recommend to paint before next to protect the paint from scratches and wear.
It turned out that I used a gloss varnish seal in the mask (
Because glossy varnish is the only varnish I can find)
But I hate that it makes my mask look so unnatural and so shiny.
I just applied a thin layer of paint on it and the mask was nice and matte. :-)
Now we need to block the holes in our eyes and mouth.
Now, when you lift it to your face, one can see your forehead through the huge eye hole and your lips through the mouth hole.
You can skip this step if you like the effect.
If not, read on. 7.
Get a black, translucent mesh
Just like the material you can see when you lift it up.
Pantyhose or stockings are effective in this regard. 8.
Cut a piece, apply glue around the eye hole, put down the mesh and trim the excess.
All you need to do is do it for both eyes and mouth.
The visibility through the mask is very good.
You can see from the holes of the two bottom triangles and through the black holes you still have peripheral vision
The hole is out.
However, I do not recommend doing obstacle classes while wearing masks.
Your mask is finally finished!
: D. Once we finish with a knife, we will attach a fur cover and cloak later (
In the next step)
Most of the technology of this knife comes from otaku crafts, and I can\'t be praised for it.
However, I will still guide you on the website on how to make the knife as per the tutorial. Blade1.
Draw two isosceles triangles on the card.
I\'m using a cereal box.
If you are a perfectionist like me, you can adjust the angle with a protractor and a square device.
I don\'t want it to be a huge knife, so I put it a little longer than the length of my hand. 2.
Cut them down, score them along the middle and stick them together. 3.
Track the base to more cards and cut it off, leaving flaps to help fit the base inside the triangle. Handle4.
For the handle, enter the interior of the toilet roll, cut vertically and roll it into a narrower shape.
The diameter of the handle is up to you, as you like.
Tape safely. 5.
Make a hole in the blade base and push the handle over.
Cut off the excess part of the handle, fold and tape it down.
Please look at the photos. 6.
Roll up a newspaper ball and stick it to the bottom of the handle with tape to narrow the gap. 7.
Put the knife seat handle into the blade.
Tape safely. 8. Paper mache!
I used two or three layers of paper and a layer of white paper. Details9. Now to paint!
First, make a template for the design on the San knife.
Fold the remaining card in half and draw one half of the swing ang
Just like the shape above and cut it off.
Use the template to help you track the design on the knife. 10.
The blade is painted white, designed in red, and the handle is painted black and dark brown. (
If you\'re going to cover it like I did later, you really don\'t need to draw the handle)11.
To clean up any messy drawings around the details and get clean edges, you can put the template on the design and paint around it.
The photo shows how I did it.
Extra/complete 12.
I don\'t like the feeling of paper in my hand.
My hands are sweating and the sweat makes me feel the knife is sticky.
To add some comfort, I used a roll of foam handle on my badminton racket, wrapped it around the knife handle, covering the end of the foam handle, and I wrapped the hemp rope around it13.
I wound and glued two rounds of leather rope where I met the blade at the end of the handle to hide the paint line and make the knife look more complete.
You\'re done with the knife!
I think you can use the same technique as a spear, maybe a broom or something to make a handle, or a plastic handle from the foam death sickle they sold at Walmart during Halloween.
I will probably talk about this later.
It\'s all up to you.
You don\'t have to look absolutely like a San and have the freedom to choose your outfit.
If you have a budget, you may also be limited by the material you can find/borrow/Buy/do, so I suggest you keep your eyes open for anything around the house.
The coat has a white vest that cuts the bottom to the length you like.
Considering the length of my dress, I cut it above my navel.
Cut the side and cut the seam right below the curling sleeve.
This coat will be combined by this little bit of curling fabric.
You can cut it all the time, if you want, and then, like San\'s, add a rope to tie the coat together, but I prefer this method.
Before I find the right clothes, I look around on Taobao.
I was going to cut the back of the dress but when I put it on I decided to cut it off.
Also, in any case, this is a beautiful dress I can wear again. :)
If anyone wants to know the price of this dress is about RMB 30.
Ashitaka\'s necklace I like the necklace Ashitaka gave to San in the movie.
I like the color here and the rainbow here.
I have a beautiful Labrador stone and I think it is perfect for necklaces.
Labradorite is a stone that looks cloudy and gray at first, but when you tilt it to a certain angle to the light --BOOM!
Flashes of blue, green and turquoise hit your eyes!
It\'s a very beautiful stone, and it\'s a phenomenon that you have to experience in person, and it\'s not fair to have a photo.
I packed some red suede lint.
Just like holding on to the rope around the stone.
But I was a little scared it fell.
Not the hardest stone)so I um. . .
Cheat a bit by putting a little bit of tape on the rope and stone.
It\'s rude, but I don\'t want to take a chance on a stone.
While I was on vacation to Malaysia, I saw this great necklace at a clothing jewelry store.
Not expensive, about 15 horse coins (30RMB).
The beads were originally made together and walked around.
I want them to spread out like a San necklace, so I fixed the beads in place with thin thread.
Most people just use clay to make fangs and beads, string them together, and tie the cloak together with them.
I planned to do this until I found this necklace, which I thought would fit my bone collarbone better than wearing a huge and heavy clay fangs around my neck.
I use the old bra as the armband.
Best of all, they have buckle so I can tighten and loosen the straps as much as I want and they are not
So I don\'t have to deal with the armband.
I bought a black wide cotton rope for the headband and put the mache circle on the paper (
Cut the hole from the mask)
Then the edge is painted black with a wire.
I want to tie this on my head.
Earrings this step can be a lot easier for most people who read this, because my ears are not pierced, so I can\'t simply put an earring attachment on the mache circle on the paper (
From the left side of the cut mask)
Put them in my ears and call it a day.
I tried to find the clip.
There are ons and magnetic earrings around, but no effect.
I could have bought it online, but the complexity of recharging a Taobao account prevented me from doing so.
So I did something very rough.
I used a strong pair-
Stick it to my ear with tape
* Guilty look * Hey, but it works and I can jump around without them falling down!
Also, they are much more comfortable than magnetic earrings because these things make my ears crazy after the fact. . . (
Note: I completely forgot the earrings in my later photo. Whoops! )
Shoes: I went to Wal-Mart
I bought a pair of brown shoes from 90 yuan.
There was fur inside to keep my feet warm. :)
They don\'t look like San-
Like, but I don\'t know how to make San shoes correctly, I don\'t have much time.
I bought my fur on Taobao, RMB 75, 50 cm x 180 cm, here: this is enough for me.
It was a good deal because as soon as the package arrived I opened it and I was happy to find that the fur was very soft and didn\'t feel like a cheap fur and didn\'t fall off at all, the back is completely hidden from the pile of soft and thick fur.
At such a price, quality fur (
It looks like the seller noticed what a big deal it was and the price went up by 10 yuan. :-()
This fur is white with a slight cream color and a dark brown tip.
The pile is about 5 cm.
I chose this instead of plain white fur because I wanted to look like I was wearing a real fur and after reading some tips online about flash photography washing white fur.
When the fur is piled up, the dark brown tip has a wonderful effect.
It looks like a sleeping animal. :-)CLOAK 1.
It\'s really easy.
Draw a rough cloak shape on your fur.
I don\'t want the cloak to be long, so I just put it around my waist.
Make sure to leave enough fur to stick on your clothes later. 2.
Cut off with a sharp blade.
In order to make the tail, take two long pieces of fur pieces and then sew or glue back to back. (
I stick them together because I feel lazy, huh, huh. :-))
Sewed at the bottom of the cloak. You\'re done! :DHOOD 1.
Draw a mirrored hood shape on the back of the fur.
I got the shape of the hood from this tutorial: 2.
Cut the fur with a very sharp blade.
Gently pull out any loose fur from the edge. 3.
Folding hood fur
Side, make sure that the fur is hidden at the seams, nailed in the proper position and sewn.
I don\'t have a sewing machine so I sewed the hood with a small back with some threadstitches.
It was held very well! 4.
Take a comb and use it to comb out the trapped fur.
Attach the Hood to the mask 1.
Check how you want to attach the Hood to the mask in front of the mirror and how many holes you need to make in the mask. 2.
Use your knife to make a small hole in the mask.
Insert the tip of the blade into the mask, twist it and drill a hole.
Do these around the mask.
Don\'t worry about the white part, you can paint on it at any time. 3.
If you have a curved needle, use it!
If not, the normal needle is enough, but be careful not to stab yourself in the next steps.
The fur is thick and slippery.
Give your needle a double line with a strong thread. 4.
Sew the Hood to your mask with the holes you made before.
You can see in the photo how I did it. 5.
Check the cooperation in front of the mirror again.
I ended up not using holes on the side of the mask, so I just drew them over.
If these holes really bother you, you can cover them with more paper clay and repaint them. 6.
Put your ears on the hood and make a small mark on the fur.
Sew your ears on the hood.
Since it is just cardboard with a thin layer of paper, the needle can pass through it relatively easily.
However, bending is very useful for this. . .
I ended up poking myself several times. . .
Your mask is ready!
Wrap up any poked fingers with a bandage and cheer!
I held my cloak against it with a large safety pin.
Since I made it shorter, it was not heavy at all and I could walk around comfortably in it.
I don\'t have the right paint on hand, so I just used
Toxic acrylic paint, may not be the best idea, but works well for me.
I would suggest replacing your face paint with something like lipstick.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
This is my first time to play cosplay, thank you so much for your comments and feedback!
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