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press conference by united nations human rights expert concerning authenticity of channel 4 videotape depicting extrajudicial executions in sri lanka

by:Teesso     2019-08-31
The United Nations human rights expert held a press conference at the headquarters press conference this morning on Channel 4 describing the authenticity of the videotape of Sri Lanka\'s extra-French executions, calling for an independent investigation of war crimes and other serious human rights violations in Sri Lanka, and based on a review, he commissioned the identification of the authenticity of a video, the video clearly depicts the filming of naked bundled prisoners on the island.
The special rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Philip Alstom, said that,
It is said to have been filmed earlier last year before the Sri Lankan government announced its victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
After years of fighting, it has been submitted to three heights-
Qualified Technical Experts
\"Every expert has come to the conclusion that there is no indication that the video is fake . \"
Alstom said they also reported that after the Sri Lankan government\'s own investigation proved that the videos were untrue, they had specifically refuted the evidence provided by the Sri Lankan government. .
\"In light of these conclusions, and other allegations of alleged extra-French executions committed by both parties at the end of the war against the Tigers, I call for an independent investigation, conduct impartial investigations into alleged war crimes and other serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws in Sri Lanka. \"Alston said.
He recalled that in September he had called for an independent investigation into the authenticity of the video, stating that the government\'s four separate investigations after the video was broadcast on Channel 4 of the United Kingdom at the end of August were unjust, the evidence provided by the government is \"not scientific but Impressionist \".
However, according to his report, the UN Human Rights Council called on him to withdraw his call for investigation at that time and apologized to the government.
He then decided to entrust the expert\'s opinion to identify the three people, who he said were clearly very qualified and completely divorced from the conflict.
The experts are Jeff Spivak, a forensic media analyst, Daniel Spitz, a forensic pathology examiner, and Peter Diachuk, a forensic firearms expert.
Their technical report is attached to a \"Technical Note.
Alstom spoke at a press conference.
He said that they concluded that there was no sign of editing, and that the response of automatic weapons and bodies was consistent with the expectation of shooting at the back of the head at close range.
However, he acknowledged that the coding date of July 17 was a mystery, as the date was long after the end of the conflict.
He pointed out that such a call allows the user to set a date and there is no reason to think that the date must be correct.
In addition, he speculated that the person who recorded the video might change the date to prevent the video from being tracked to a specific event.
In answering questions,
Alstom said that the video tape should not be taken separately, but should be viewed in the context of many human rights violations allegations that have occurred in conflict areas, and that the media are prohibited from entering.
He insisted that as long as the government did not facilitate an independent investigation, the pain caused by such allegations would continue.
In his view, if the allegations prove false, the witnesses to the final action can provide valuable information and defend the government.
Although he noted that similar investigations had been conducted by the United Nations before, he did not specify who should conduct such investigations.
Sri Lanka is not a party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC)
Therefore, the participation of the mechanism is not possible at this point.
When asked why the government of Sri Lanka offered convenience for the investigation
Alstom noted that the country has a very long tradition of civil rights and that it has reason to adhere to it, especially if the international community supports the investigation.
\"I think the government will see that it is in its interest to pursue this option,\" he said . \".
Other investigations in the works, he said, included investigations conducted by British journalists, and investigations commissioned by Tamil people living abroad.
He welcomed these people but did not believe that they would have access to the channels needed to conduct a concluding investigation.
He has no information about the individuals described in the video and who might have shot it.
The government challenged the credibility of the panel that issued the report, which was not prepared to provide any other information.
He said the government did not question the authenticity of the uniforms the gunmen wore, but they insisted that the T-shirts under them were not a standard issue and that no Sri Lankan soldiers would leave their hair as described by the gunmen.
In response to questions about these details, he said that the important factor at this time is that the video seems to be real and, therefore, the additional
Judicial executions took place.
Therefore, it is crucial to find out who implemented these plans and whether this is part of the universal model.
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