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pregnant chicago woman slain, baby cut from her womb

by:Teesso     2019-09-19
CHICAGO-A Chicago woman who sold baby clothing to a pregnant woman and lured her back home in a way that provided more clothing was charged with murder, she allegedly strangled the baby with a rope and cut it from the womb, police said on Thursday.
Investigators say the 46-year-old Clarisa Figueroa apparently wants to raise another child two years after his adult son died naturally.
Police Chief Eddie Johnson told reporters at a news conference that \"words cannot express how disgusting and thoroughly disturbing these allegations are . \"year-
Vintage Panpan, Siri Figueroa.
Mother\'s boyfriend, 40-year-
The old Piotr Bobak is accused of concealing a murder case.
These allegations are in 19-year-
Old Mullen Ochoa
Lopez was missing a day after her body was found in a trash can in the backyard of figaroa\'s home on the southwest side of the city, about 4 miles from her own home.
According to police, the young woman drove from high school to the home of Figueroa for free clothing posted on Facebook.
Police said she was strangled when she arrived and the baby was cut off from her body.
A few hours later, figaroa frantically called 911, claiming that her newborn baby did not breathe.
The child is blue when the first aid person arrives.
They tried to revive the baby and send the boy to a nearby hospital, where police say he is in serious condition and is not expected to survive.
Police did not leave women missing and 911 phone calls before May 7, when friends went to mid-sized
Lopez directed detectives to her social media account, suggesting she communicated with Figueroa on Facebook.
Meanwhile, Sara Walker, a spokeswoman for Ochoa, said Clarisa Figueroa had started a GoFundMe campaign to hold a funeral for what she called the baby who was about to die. Lopez\'s family.
The police then conducted a DNA test and the results showed
Lopez and her husband iovani Lopez are actually his parents, Walker said.
Brendan Denihan said that when the police arrived to inquire about figaroa, her daughter told them that her mother was hospitalized for some kind of leg injury and then added that she had just given birth to the deputy director of the Detective Department
\"She told a very strange story,\" said Deenihan, \"and the officials\" know a little where this is going . \".
Police then searched the area and found Ochoa-
Lopez\'s car a few blocks away
On Tuesday, they returned with a search warrant and found cleaning supplies and blood evidence in corridors and bathrooms.
Later, they found the body in the trash can behind the house and found the display Ochoa-
Authorities say Lopez\'s car crossed the neighborhood the day they thought she was killed. Ochoa-
Lopez\'s family has been looking for her since she disappeared in April 23, organizing a search party, and holding a press conference as police push to investigate the latest.
Her father, Arnulfo Ochoa, said relatives were grateful to find her.
Now they want justice.
The family is also preparing for the death of the baby, while still looking forward to miracles.
\"We pray that God will give us our children, because this is the blessing that my wife has left us, and yiovanni Lopez told reporters through a Spanish translator, his wife\'s body was taken off the county morgue.
The three suspects are scheduled to appear in bond court on Friday.
The Associated Press video reporter Norin nasil contributed to the report.
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