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POLO unlined upper garment fashion collocation method

by:Teesso     2020-04-30
The fundamental rules of collocation is harmonious. If they are wearing striped POLO shirt custom-made color need darker than pants, so it looks already sedate sexy. If there is no pants coat color deep, that it is best to monochrome. The most common collocation is polo shirt with jeans or khakis. If you don't like this kind of collocation, can try these polo unlined upper garment is tie-in method: fold wear POLO unlined upper garment: we can in POLO shirt goes with a different colors of short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirt, it will show fashion able to bear or endure look. POLO shirt mixing tees: a mashup is POLO unlined upper garment is tie-in leisure suits, POLO unlined upper garment deserves to go up the tie, POLO unlined upper garment to match jacket and POLO shirt with knitting cardigan and so on. Try more different collocation, there will be a different feeling. POLO shirt sleeve wear: put 2 pieces of the same style different color POLO shirt sleeve wear together, so that one POLO shirt should be set out a bigger size, such collocation gives different administrative levels. Different occasions wear POLO shirt, we can according to their wishes to wear POLO shirt. Our suggestion is to choose the bright color of color POLO unlined upper garment, such as yellow, light purple, green. We also can choose wide stripe POLO shirt. Bottoms can with jeans, casual pants, and even the beach pants, and then with a clean pair of tennis shoes. If it is will be expected to try to be a formal business office circumstance, choose a solid colored POLO unlined upper garment, such as black, dark blue, part of the body with khaki pants and shoes, attention to widen the color of the upper body and lower body. The polo shirt is to introduce the above fashion collocation method, we can under reference.
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