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POLO shirt order, why often use beads fabrics?

by:Teesso     2020-05-01
POLO shirt order, why often use beads fabrics? This is a lot of customers in the common custom unlined upper garment, the following to introduce to you: in the unlined upper garment customization, we often use the pearl cloth, often hear 'ChanZhu' double bead ', 'pearl in the unlined upper garment customization cloth is one of the knitted fabric, cloth surface is hydrophobic pore shape, like a honeycomb, compared to the ordinary knitted well ventilated, dry and wash. Because of its textile is special, easy to recognize, so people call it 'pineapple cloth'. Because absorb sweat bead to cloth and not easy deformation, are commonly used to customized shirt. Bead to bead to structure is used in cotton has good air permeability and moisture permeability, soft, even in the heat of the day, it can give us the tender tactility, comfortable enjoy, and random appearance, wash after deformation, the maximum deformation.
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