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POLO shirt order

by:Teesso     2020-05-01
polo unlined upper garment of mercerized cotton fabrics commonly used customized manufacturer is what? Yes is mercerized cotton, believe in custom overalls, head of the enterprise know, mercerized cotton, as the name suggests is on the basis of cotton a mercerizing process, this way, more easy to understand. Then in the market now is there are two kinds of mercerized cotton processing. One is fabric mercerizing, another kind of treatment is yarn mercerizing. If you really want to ask what kind of process of mercerized cotton is better, that is the combination of these two, because of a combination is called double mercerizing it gives us a more comfortable, soft, this is in accordance with our demand of the masses. Mercerized cotton, has the advantages of no ball, no fading, deformation, so it is suitable for the employees to work every day to wear uniform, many enterprises in the work clothes, the most concern is the polo shirt order when the ball, don't rub off, not deformation, etc. , and we have been familiar with the advantages of mercerized cotton, so, when the enterprise has this requirement, we will recommend the mercerized cotton fabrics to the customer, why recommend mercerized cotton? Because we have 50% of all corporate clients is a choice of mercerized cotton fabrics, have been clients reflect this fabric is very good, so, good product must be Shared with our loved ones the customer, as a professional shirt manufacturer, we must do all aspects of good service every customer, tailored to customer satisfaction of products is our ultimate goal!
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