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\'polo shirt on fire\' report confuses, amuses mount tabor fire department

by:Teesso     2019-08-29
The fire of borochton
The Tower Hill Fire Department tried to save the burning polo shirt, but found it to be a cause of failure. (
Provided by Tower Hill Fire Department)—
Tabor Mountain volunteer fire department can tell you what fashion is popular this season.
Earlier in the day, it received a call from \"polo shirts on fire\" on Highway 10.
\"Don\'t worry, we\'re just as confused as you are,\" the department wrote . \".
The fire department found the shirt in front of road 2949, Parsippany 10, which is close to Parsippany Inn and Suites.
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Com/morris \"sorry about this --
\"It looks like the clothes are on the grass and slowly burn into ashes,\" the department wrote . \".
\"The crew at engine 615 put out the shirt and although we tried several times to restore the shirt to its original condition, we were unable to do so and did not find a receipt, so it was impossible to return the item.
\"Both engine 615 and 613 and rescue 614 responded,\" the department wrote.
\"What\'s more interesting is that you need two engines and a rescue to get out a sultry shirt!
Brian McGee, Facebook follower of the fire department, wrote.
\"Haha, Brian McKee, I think it\'s more about making sure there\'s no\" hot \"sale and no one\'s missing it!
The department replied.
Mount Tabor Fire Department is in.
The department wrote that the incident was \"one of the more bizarre calls that MTVFD has to respond to so far.
\"Play well, Parsippany, play well,\" it wrote . \".
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