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POLO shirt made common sense

by:Teesso     2020-05-01
Now made POLO shirt as a kind of leisure, business, sports clothing, is very popular now, and the demand is rising every year. Now more and more fashion designers also looking POLO unlined upper garment, use a few fashionable element, make very fashion POLO shirt! Don't look down upon this polo shirt, but was snapped up by a lot of young people now! The purpose of the POLO shirt is very much, now is the most used to do car smock, generally to do such work clothes POLO unlined upper garment of prices are not high, is a civilian price. Followed by office work clothes POLO unlined upper garment, are generally do business POLO unlined upper garment, is a high-end custom, are all very good quality fabrics, such as, modal, silk cotton, cotton and so on, do manual work is required to fine, clipping must also very decent, another is leisure POLO unlined upper garment, this is common in high-end custom, there is sport polo unlined upper garment, sport POLO unlined upper garment is relatively high to the requirement of fabric, permeability is very good, are generally made of mesh. But inside the POLO unlined upper garment customization, we also note that is printed technology of POLO shirt. In Beijing, made POLO shirts and other clothing order, LOGO printing quality have relationships with a variety of links. Printing quality inspection generally depends on the color of the LOGO printing have off color, accurate positioning, and printing area during the late washing will rub off, and so on and so forth. In the process of printing, the color of the LOGO is printing process, the more the more the more complex the printing cost will be high, for example: a corporate LOGO itself has six colors, so in the process of printing LOGO on the inside of each color must split out 6 times, so you need to make 6 6 screen film and development, and each color must be a manual printing, namely six times.
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