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Polo shirt is the enterprise custom tooling first, highlight the product of the enterprise image

by:Teesso     2020-04-29
shirt is the enterprise custom tooling first, highlight the product of the enterprise image unlined upper garment is the enterprise custom tooling first, highlight the product of the enterprise image. The hot summer can also be called shirt collar T-shirt, this is one of the custom of the most popular clothing. polo shirt and common T - Compared tshirt, made the biggest difference lies in the POLO shirt is a T - with the collar shirt。 T-shirt as a regular design comfortable, reasonable price, suitable for joker, is one of the people's favorite summer clothing. But, who know what T-shirt fabric? What is the distinguishing feature of each fabric? The following detailed introduction for you. POLO shirt custom fabrics can be summarized as the following: 1. Most ordinary cotton fabric T-shirt is the use of ordinary cotton fabrics, its characteristic is wearing comfortable and relaxed, but crisp sex is a bit poor. And easy shrink, so don't preshrinking processing at the early stage of the production, so easy to deformation, after washing is more exaggerated becomes DuQiZhuang after washing a few times. So in some activities show T-shirt customization, if only the disposable use, can consider this kind of fabric. 2. Than ordinary cotton fabrics, pure cotton fabrics of pure cotton or 100% cotton fabric will be better in touch and comfort aspects, their g generally between 180 ~ 260 grams ( Not too thin nor too thick) , count for 21 ~ 32 ( The average length of cotton fiber and the higher, the soft) Veil, and can choose yarn, spinning and spinning, yarn seem crude, for dark deep in the yarn may also bring some white yarn; Pure yarn cleaner compared with smooth surface, soft; Semi finished yarn somewhere in between. But will also have a shrink problem, it is preshrunk better performance compared with conventional cotton. 3. Mercerized cotton fabrics is still the main fabrics of cotton, the following process: 1 by the high quality raw materials made of high cotton spinning knitting yarn. 2 + mercerizing singeing special processing, such as soft, bright and clean bright anti-wrinkle high quality mercerized yarn. The characteristics of this kind of fabric is the dress fabrics of high quality, made of clothes can fully reflect the temperament and taste. It not only fully retain the natural characteristic of raw cotton quality, and has a silky soft luster and superior handle, wet gas absorption, good elasticity and drape sense; And color design and color is rich, wearing casual and comfortable. This kind of fabric clothes popular with many brand shop.
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