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Polo shirt fabrics

by:Teesso     2020-04-15
When it comes to custom make everybody's most concerned about is definitely the fabric problem, let's take a look at for polo shirts, t-shirts, custom-made work clothes made of fabrics commonly used include: pure cotton fabric, bead bead to mesh, combed cotton, polyester-cotton corners of single and pure cotton, polyester-cotton hexagonal, mesh, herringbone, compound rib, mesh, etc. The characteristics of the polyester-cotton fabric: soft thick, washing out of shape not easily, but is a bit poor wearing comfort is cotton. Common terylene is 80% cotton, 20% polyester and 65% cotton, 35% polyester. The characteristics of the pure cotton fabrics, feel is good, wearing comfortable, environmental protection, generally between 160 grams to 300 grams, is too thin it will be very deeply, too thick will be hot, generally choose 180 - Between 260 grams of weight to be beautiful, count is 21 and 32, commonly refers to the average length of cotton fiber. The higher the more soft, and the veil is divided into yarn, spinning and spinning, yarn fabric surface is rough, especially in the dark fabric will have white yarn. Pure yarn fabric surface is clean and tidy, feel is also very soft. ( 1) General fabric side pattern of colour and lustre are better than the other clear and beautiful. ( 2) With a view of all the fabric and fabric color decorative pattern, its facade pattern must be clear and pleasing to the eye. ( 3) Article convex and concave and convex fabric, positive closely and exquisite, has the strip or design in relief; And the reverse is rough, have long long term. ( 4) Terry fabrics: single pile fabric, plush side is positive. Double pile fabric, the nap is bright and clean and tidy the positive side of the fabric. ( 5) Observe the fabric edge, edge is bright and clean and tidy the positive side of the fabric. ( 6) Double layers of fabric, such as warp/weft density of both the front and at the same time, the general positive will have larger density or positive materials better. ( 7) Leno: texture clear ground by prominent side is positive. ( 8) Towel fabric: loop density big side is positive. ( 9) Printed fabric, pattern clear, colour and lustre is a bright side as positive. ( 10) The whole piece of fabric: except for the export products, anyone who has manual paste ( Trademark) And stamped with the factory JianYanZhang is usually opposite. Most fabric, its front opposite a significant difference between the two, but there are a lot of the face of positive and negative of fabrics are very similar, both surfaces can be used, so for this kind of fabric is not importune difference between the positive and negative.
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