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by:Teesso     2020-04-30
Customized t-shirts of technology introduction, Teesso to introduce you to the following: a T-shirt printing process is basically divided into two categories: silk screen printing and transfer printing. 1, T-shirt printing, silk screen printing is used most outside the shop to buy 90% of the silk screen printing. Silk screen printing technology is relatively complex, the main design, film, printing, printing, drying steps. Screen color printing, simple is a T-shirt design if there are red, yellow, and blue three color, then need to print three version, each color one version, but and printing CMYK and a little different, the domestic majority is the color printing, CMYK dot superimposed on the T-shirt printing is very difficult to control. 2, transfer printing technology is popular a kind of printing technology in recent years. Principle is to print, Printing) On the transfer paper, and then through high temperature and high pressure pattern is printed on the T-shirt fabric, relative to silk screen printing, transfer printing with fast and convenient, the advantages of vivid, but also relatively low color fastness, mass customization cost higher shortcomings. If you just want to design a unique T-shirt, you can consider the design patterns and then transfer to a T-shirt printing.
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