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police seek public help in finding mother of baby found dead in garbage bin

by:Teesso     2019-09-18
Less than 48 hours after a new birth girl was found dead in a trash can behind the Northwest grocery store and without public tips, Calgary police urged anyone with information to come forward. Staff Sgt.
On Tuesday, Martin Schiavetta of the city\'s killing department made the request, and investigators are trying to find answers to the Christmas Eve tragedy.
\"It\'s very unusual that we don\'t have a tip,\" he told the media at a 3 p press conference. m.
At the Boxing Day press conference, almost two days after the police believed the girl --
Investigators say he was alive after birth.
Thrown in the trash can in the parking lot outside N Bowness RoadW. grocery store.
A community resident discovered this terrible discovery before 11: 30. m.
Christmas Eve-
The body of a baby girl is described as a light skin with dark hair and is believed to have been born within the last 24 hours.
Schiavetta said they didn\'t.
1 priority is to find and ensure physical and mental health
As the mother of the child, evidence on the spot suggests that she may be in medical trouble.
\"Then we can look at the reasons for this tragic situation,\" he said . \".
Schiavetta said an autopsy was performed on the girl on Tuesday.
While the Calgary homicide department is currently dealing with the investigation, it is too early to determine whether the infant\'s death is suspicious.
\"We can say through medical tests that at some point the child is still alive,\" he said . \".
\"When the child is put in the parking lot, we don\'t know if he is still alive, but at some point he is still alive.
\"If it is considered a homicide, the death of the baby girl will be 29 days of the year in Calgary.
Cases like this
Especially before Christmas.
Schiavetta explained that it was particularly difficult for those who tried to expose the situation behind it.
\"It\'s tragic for all the people involved,\" he said . \".
\"The seriousness of this investigation will certainly have an impact on the investigators.
Police continued to search the area for clues. to-
They look for the door to information.
Schiavetta pleaded with residents to provide information on the case.
\"Right now, we are focusing on discovering the area and surroundings of the baby.
\"We are certainly canvassing through community surveys and locating CCTV cameras, but obviously we have to accept the idea that mothers are not Calgary people,\" he said . \".
Anyone with information is asked to call Calgary police homicide report number 403-428-
8877, CPS
Emergency Call: 403-266-
1234, or through 1-800-222-TIPS.
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