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paraurethral cysts in newborn girls

by:Teesso     2019-09-16
The gland of Skene, located at the distal end of the urethra, is the largest urethra.
Gland cysts in Skene are not common at any age, but especially in newborns.
However, due to the lack of systematic reporting, the real incidence may be higher than described in the literature.
We introduced a new born girl who was found to have a cyst of the urethra at birth.
The characteristic displacement of the urethra opening is shown during intubation.
The literature was reviewed and compared with previously evaluated cases of similar lip-to-lip quality.
We suggest that prenatal development may be due to maternal estrogen exposure, although further studies are needed to determine the exact cause.
Treatment options include observation, needle suction and drainage of the incision, partial resection, removal of the top and marsupialation.
In the absence of symptoms, especially in newborns, expect treatment is preferred, as spontaneous regression can occur without a long time
Sequelae or recurrence.
Cases of acute obstruction require immediate surgical treatment.
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