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object of desire: lacoste sport ultra dry polo

by:Teesso     2019-08-28
I remember the first time someone called me \"preppy \".
\"I was in the fifth grade and never heard the word before.
\"What does this mean?
I asked my classmates.
\"It means you wear lacoster shirts, khaki cloth pants and boat shoes without socks,\" she explained . \".
\"That\'s how I wear it,\" I told her . \".
\"What\'s the point?
\"That means you\'re ready,\" she said . \".
Well, at 40-
It\'s been years since I knew I had a name for my fashion sense.
I am still wearing popos and kha cloth and am determined not to wear socks.
Even in winter.
In the logo of all designers, the crocodile-
Not a crocodile-
Still a favorite.
But one thing has changed.
I upgraded the 1970 polo shirts.
I still prefer lacester.
After many washing, the shape of the fit remains the same, the cotton coat is comfortable, always
Under a suit jacket or shorts, the swollen rainbow looks the best.
But manufacturing has improved a lot in the past decade.
As a marathon runner
At the speed of the glacier
I appreciate the technical fabric that quickly absorbs moisture.
That\'s why I\'m addicted to the Lacoste super dry polo shirt.
The fit of the super dry polo is similar to the classic-cut Lacoste—
I\'m number 6, basically XL, and both shirts have-
But the technical shirt\'s shoulder sleeves do not have a tight rib strap around the bicep.
It\'s also built-
This is especially important in the summer when it comes to UV protection.
The most important thing is that Polo does what I want to do most in the hot weather (
Or any season)
It kept me dry.
I\'m sure if I play tennis alone
Even watching golf on the couch.
I would prefer this technical fabric, but I think this sport polo is a major upgrade to Lacoste\'s traditional cotton shirt.
I still wear the old one.
Of course, cotton polos at school, but I just don\'t sweat when I put on super dry clothes.
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