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obama clothing ban puzzles mideast experts

by:Teesso     2019-11-20
AMMAN, Jordan—
Obama\'s ban on wearing green clothes during his visit to Israel and Jordan has caused widespread confusion among Middle East observers.
In a memo to reporters, Obama\'s senior clerk, Peter Newville, developed the clothing rules for Jordan and Israel, which is described as \"we sent to employees before departure
The first is: \"Don\'t wear green clothes.
An Obama aide explained to reporters that green is the color of the Palestinian militant group Hamas.
But while the color does appear on Hamas banners, experts say there is no particular symbolism in wearing green clothes.
Latest news: The US Department of Homeland Security has heard about the World Cup Alabama castrated law for family planning Women in Missouri. In addition, Green is more generally regarded as a symbol of Islam.
\"It seems strange to ban wearing green clothes,\" says Richard Bullett, a professor of Middle East history at Columbia University, who says the color has something to do with the family of the Prophet Muhammad.
\"I would venture to guess that the focus of the campaign is more distorted --
Religious on the of not accurate
\"Obama\'s critics are reporting more than any actual signal that could be conveyed,\" he said . \" He is referring to false rumors that Obama is a Muslim.
\"You don\'t want some bloggers to say \'Obama shows his true colors \'.
\"I think they\'re just being too cautious in a way,\" Bulliet said . \".
Mohamed Baqi, a professor at the Department of Journalism at New York University and former director of the Middle East Information Bureau, called the directive \"very strange \".
\"I guess Green is the color of Hamas \'--
But this is also the color of Islam!
Bazzi said in an email from Beirut.
\"This is a way of alienating the Obama campaign.
4 billion Muslims around the world
\"Although the other clothing directives of the sport-to guide women to wear de Murray clothing-are fairly standard, Bazzi said, he has never heard of other journalists who don\'t wear green clothes when traveling in the Middle East.
\"I have been to the Middle East with the secretary of state and myself, and I have never heard of such a thing,\" said Eli Lake, national security correspondent for The New York Sun . \".
Mr. Obama\'s visit was organized independently of the US State Department, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday suggested the US embassy avoid helping the presidential campaign conduct a foreign visit.
Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, hangs green flags like some other Islamist groups.
But the color appears on a large number of official symbols, including the Saudi flag.
Queen Rania Al of Jordan
Abdullah is dressed in green.
Early photos of Obama\'s trip also suggest that the rule is being observed: a photographer on the Amman tarmac is wearing a green plaid shirt.
\"We want to respect each other as much as possible.
We want to reach the highest level, \"Obama\'s spokeswoman in Amman, Jen Psaki, said in a complete list of campaign clothing proposals, which also includes a ban on women from using nail polish and vests.
Bill Burton, Obama\'s other spokesman, did not explain the warning against wearing green clothes, but played down the memo.
\"This is an informal document, collected by local people and collected information from various sources,\" he said . \".
\"Some of the reporters on our trip asked for advice on what to wear, so it was handed over to the Travel Media.
Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the U. S. Islamic relations commission, said Muslims may be offended by the movement\'s instructions.
\"Are you kidding?
When told about the memo, Hooper asked, calling the move a \"mistake \".
\"Green is related to Islam around the world,\" he said . \"&ldqu;
In some particularly small geographical locations, it is one thing to have other political-based local associations, but to ask people not to wear green clothes-would they ask people that he has gone to Ireland? Will they ask them not to wear green or orange clothes?
James Zogby, president of the Arab-American Association, said he did not think the rule would offend others, but he did find it confusing.
\"I have never heard of this before,\" he said . \" He added that no one suggested avoiding the color in his satellite TV program, which is broadcast weekly in the Arab world.
\"This is someone\'s excessive contact,\" he said . \".
\"It will not insult anyone, and it will not offend anyone if they are dressed in green.
\"Pro officials
The Israeli group that led the regional press group declined to comment, but was familiar with the travel led by the Israel Education Foundation of the United States (
The charity of the parents
AIPAC, lobby, Israel)
The White House and the State Department have told the Israeli government that they have never heard of such rules.
\"Our people in Jerusalem and the United States don\'t know what\'s going on,\" said an official from a major Jewish organization in the United States . \".
\"We have never advised people not to wear green clothes.
During the period of disengagement from Gaza, Orange was the color of anti-Gaza
So we advise people not to wear orange to make an unintentional political statement.
\"Jeff Ballabon, a pro-Republican adviser.
Israel\'s reasons are also confused by the explanation of the link between green and Hamas.
\"Why wouldn\'t he ban the use of Hezbollah\'s yellow color?
\"I heard they wouldn\'t order croissants because they were crescent-shaped --
He quipped.
Brown reports from Amman;
Smith from New York
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