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nj nets mailbag (hodgepodge edition)

by:Teesso     2019-09-09
Dave: Let me take a break.
How can you not play Sean after Saturday? He\'s the only one who does big sports, you know, even if you \'ve been lining up for the company and don\'t know the game. AlexDouble-
A: You haven\'t heard of it yet. I don\'t know what to tell you.
We don\'t see what\'s going on in practice, and we don\'t know if he has made any significant progress on becoming a professional every day of the week.
Of course, we all like dunk, cap and chin.
It makes sense to throw away sporting goods and throw him out one or two
See if he can play some games.
Change the game that no one else in this team can do (until T-Will grows up).
But we have to assume that he still does everything that the coach can\'t stand, like playing without focus, blowing homework, no (buzz-phrase alert)
Professional as much as possible.
Before we hear anything else, we assume that\'s why the coach stopped him because you\'re absolutely right: considering what they have to choose from, he should have a fixed rep on the 4 th next to Brooke or on the 5 th next to Eddie, and they should stop worrying about where he is as long as the frontcourt is still a patchwork action.
There is no good match for tonight, )(maybe)Hansbrough.
Hey Dave: This problem has been bothering me for a long time.
Are the teams allowed to use hypnosis for their players? The Nets think there are two best shooters (Lee and Simmons)
20 cast 3.
I can do that!
Most of this game is psychological. -
Isn\'t hypnosis a good tool? My son once met a hypnotist who had a back operation done by himself.
Never done a flip before.
All we need for the Nets is for their players to do what they can.
All I need to do is stop this pain.
Jon CarpenterJC: the use of hypnotist at Wizards camp this year by Flip Saunders has caused quite a stir, but this is mainly as a goof--
This guy let Nick Young run around on a broom or something.
Jackson has always advocated \"self \". hypnosis\" (
Just some form of meditation, really)
In the days of Chicago
But NBA players and bowlers and those who might benefit from this mental training are really different.
Most of these people come from \"Don\'t mess with my head school,\" and I think people like Kobe or Wade need to give him approval before this practice is more widely accepted.
The Nets Introduce once a year, the spirit of the players to surprise ---
Not sure if they go beyond the \"see the ball is the ball\" stage that makes everyone laugh ---
But if one wants to pursue further, the team and the coach will certainly not get in the way of him.
Dave: In Brooklyn, they\'re definitely using stealth bulldozers because I don\'t see any bulldozers in the yard.
Jameste: I\'m thinking.
Yormark said the wrong thing, or just said that the machine is very close and ready to start work, which is obviously the case.
I was told that the preparation has been going on for several years ---
New sewage and water pipes, temporary railway yards, etc. --
All the necessary thingsgroundbreaking.
Hi Double D: Forget the net, go see my cool movie.
Here\'s a YouTube link to the trailer: I can\'t guarantee that this is the biggest short film ever, but, this is the first one to get a guy on the Brooklyn Nets t-shirt!
Johnny selvato of Brooklyn Atlantic film
Sal: when I said I got Tarantino right away, I thought I was talking for everyonemeets-
The atmosphere of Marbury from here.
Dave: last spring, I was on a road trip and the Nets traded with the magic that got Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson to join the magic.
When I came back a week later, there were not many posts
The anatomy of the transaction, of course, is not the anatomy of Anderson, who is widely regarded as a kind of throw --
In most of the reports I have read.
Can you give me some more information about the industry? Especially Yi Jianlian is out again. magic wants Anderson very much. Does the Nets want to get rid of him? I don\'t know why the Nets broke up with him so easily ---
Especially when they are so thin in this position.
Greg Bangs from upper monclere Greg: there were a few other permutations of the deal in the early stages of the negotiations, but in the end, if the Nets didn\'t include Ryan, it was a deal --buster --
The magic persisted and Thorne had to relax.
It was before Magic invested in Brandon bath, but they knew they lost herdo and they needed another shooter.
You\'re right: Ryan is probably the most suitable candidate.
We said that once it happened, the two disappeared from the two.
Howard\'s Downs, he\'s going to be kicked off. it-
The weight of the truck was increased by 3 s.
As for the motivation of the network, it is very simple: they have to give up the salary of VC and get back a piece without feeling of greed.
Li is the one. they are willing to live with four people who can be said to be the weakest --
One year in the league.
Double D: is it possible that olioli did not pass the severe test, thanks for the laughter I need today, Tul.
There is no severe test in itself. -
It was a thorough whitewash, and the primer was painted shortly after Ratner\'s visit to Moscow in August.
They will never refuse him: if you can get a deep-rooted racist like Donald Stirling into your club, who can you realistically avoid, maybe he got his £ 9, £ 15 or £ 25 billion (
What we hear is updating the higher numbers)
Through cronyism, Putin, and other dubious means, it did not make him a good man in Stern\'s eyes.
So Mickey will soon take over the team, and the average man will chatter about how he embodies and embraces the noble duty, and the rest of us will keep our mouths shut for the people of Norris, when he piled up billions of dollars, he had to breathe in sulfur dioxide and other toxic dust from the chimney.
Dave: Tim donagee is the best thing to do in the NBA, imho.
I think we all remember how unfair the post-80 s and post-90 s referees were. -
Jordan Rules, Celtic home advantage, superstar preference, etc.
Biased officials will certainly affect the outcome.
While reading excerpts from donagee\'s book, I remembered that time of pollution.
I now realize that the current hosting is actually objective.
Without the Donaghy scandal, Stern still had unhealthy control over the outcome of the big game.
This is obvious as a post-80 s fan, and I\'m glad Donaghy revealed this.
Yes, he\'s a criminal, but that doesn\'t mean he\'s lying.
Rich WongAreDubya: So you are saying that the Union and its officers have been humiliated to be honest people and don\'t know if I can go there or not.
I also doubt what the league thinks the book will do for them, and it seems that landinghouse has its own doubts about the authenticity of some claims.
Nevertheless, I do not doubt that donagee shared some facts.
The only problem I have is him. -
Like an unscrupulous sports reporter. -
There seems to be half a talent for transformation.
Turn truth into fact
Finally, I doubt if we will completely eliminate the star treatment, which is why you prefer this game now.
Dave: I hope the Knicks will one day get a fax on your page equal to the Nets.
I have been a subscriber to the ledger for several years, but my patience goes with the fourth --
Class treatment for the Knicks
Whether you like it or not, they are home to a lot of Jessie people.
Gerry MonroyGerry: Yes, we seriously considered giving the Knicks more attention this season, but after firing the intern who came up with the idea, we all agreed, all of our readers can now handle 2010 of the campaign.
We did it for you, Gerry.
You will thank us in the morning. Mr.
Now we have two dollars. thousand-
10. how do we spend it? I\'ll take LBJ and Amare. thank you.
JDJohn: I think they already have a good idea and they have a legitimate opportunity ---
So far, every agent and every GM that owns cap space has developed most of the unexpected situations, regardless of what the rules say they can do.
If they have $253M to spend (
Assuming an upper limit of $52)
Let\'s Stay frugal and realistic.
No LeBron-Wade-Amare-
Here\'s Bosh.
A more reasonable Plan A would be A big choice: Rudy guy and David Lee.
But if Joe Johnson wants to try something different and consider the jersey, I\'ll give up Plan A: He\'s another winger/point forward, of course, but you can get T-
If they have a good year, you have enough time left to do a big one.
But if they do finish Plan
The heart of LopezGay-DLee-CLee-CDR-Harris-TWilliams-Yi-
The top 5 are pretty good.
All of this makes no sense until we find out who actually owns the team, manages the team, and directs the team in July 1.
Lopez is fine, but he\'s flat. footed.
Yi Jianlian is agile and just right.
When he returns to health, his starting lineup will be in the playoffs. -
It should be Devin Harris, Alstom, Sean Williams, Yi Jianlian, and I\'m not sure who the fifth person is.
James SciosJames: it doesn\'t matter for the fifth person, but according to the theme, he should wear a soft base shoe, a sling and a red rubber nose.
Dave, just tell me. -this is an 0-
82, right?
JasonJC: not so good, I think they end up removing zero from the left
Hand side tonight
I won\'t accept India easily--
After they beat Boston 61 in the second half with their small lineup, I couldn\'t do that.
But if the Nets stop them from going crazy from the 3 Th (16-for-
In their last two games
They won the wing race (CDR vs. Rush, T-Will vs. Dahntay)
They keep the game after 80 and they will win the first game.
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