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newborn baby is found dead after being abandoned in a backyard

by:Teesso     2019-09-21
A newborn baby was found dead after being abandoned in Newcastle, 160 km kilometers north of Sydney.
After a family found the baby\'s body on Church Street in Stockton at seven o\'clock A. M. on Tuesday, emergency service personnel received a call.
Police officers from the city police area arrived at the scene and started police operations at home. A post-
The new state police said in a statement that the autopsy will be completed to determine the age of the newborn and the cause of death.
Police have expressed serious concern about the safety and welfare of the newborn mother, who believe she may need urgent medical care.
The Newcastle police commander, Superintendent Brett greenhouse, said the situation was heartbreaking.
Mr Green told reporters that the police paid special attention to the welfare of the mother and begged her to stand up and help her.
\'We pay special attention to this woman who has already given birth, and we think this is something that has been very, very concerned about recently, so we focus on her welfare, \'he said.
\"We are very worried about her. She may need medical help.
It\'s important that we make sure she\'s okay.
Police are currently searching for the mother in nearby communities, local hospitals and surrounding communities.
\'We didn\'t rule out any possibilities and are looking for any help we can get from the community, \'greenhoutai said.
The owner of the house is assisting the police in the investigation, but Mr Green says they have nothing to do with the mother or the baby.
He said that the occupants of the residence just went out to the backyard this morning and found the body of the newborn.
This person has been assisting us in the investigation, and other neighbors in the area have been assisting us in the investigation, and they are assisting the police in the early stages of the investigation.
Several streets in the suburbs are still blocked and the coroner is preparing a report.
Police called for public assistance and urged anyone with unknown baby or mother information to contact Newcastle detective or crime blocker 333 on 1800.
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