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namma ooru backstreet boys

by:Teesso     2019-08-26
Five years ago, Josh Vivian and Varun Parandhaman joined a music school at about the same time, for no other reason than making friends in the music circle.
\"We are already performing, but when it comes to our music, no one can contact us,\" Josh said . \".
Varun said, \"We used to chat and perform in class a lot, but we became good friends only after he needed help to record the cover of cool play fix you.
So he came to my house and wrote this song all night;
It was the first time we worked together, so we clicked a bit at the time.
\"Two Chennai young men who make up Chennai\'s first pop boy band> Namma Ooru boys band (NOBB)
It caused quite a stir with their first single, cosmopolitan Kadari.
Fashion placement
Together, the video received nearly 68,000 views on YouTube in three months, and in the eight months since its inception, the emerging band has made great progress.
The video is also broadcast on the Tamil music channel on TV, which is often not featured by independent artists.
\"The composition and lyrics of the song are done in about 30 minutes,\" 23-year-
Old Josh who works in an e-commerce company
Business Company.
\"I have a very good feeling about it.
I think it\'s really appealing and it\'s the first time we \'ve come up with something that\'s very commercial.
We are both singers and songwriters, but we are not sure if what we usually come up with is going to be sold here, \"he said, adding that he did not consider the hit single, but he knew people would like it
The song does have a rhythm of the breeze and it\'s easy to be an ear bug.
Therefore, with the help of friends, family and acquaintances, they strive to create the song.
As a prelude, the band released a> promotional video in which Anirudh Ravichander endorsed NOBB.
After listening to a song and liking it, top musicians like Keba Jeremiah and Joshua Satya worked with them.
Kaatrefame made his voice in July and agreed to make a video directed by Josh.
Surya Ganapathy played the title role and interpreted it perfectly.
The video is an extension of their real life, says Varun: \"We\'re not actors, so we can\'t run on the beach, which is a romantic scene.
It\'s just not us.
In this way, we can tell a story.
We went to a girl in the Billy Joel residential area and felt our compliments on Michael Jackson and the influence of Justin Timberlake.
When it comes to the wardrobe, we can\'t let some director in and tell Josh to take off his hat.
This is his signature at the show.
\"Pointing to the clothes they wore for the meeting --
Josh is wearing jeans and plaid shirts and Varun is wearing loose shorts and polo T-shirt —
He smiled with appeal and said: \"We are true to our slogan: The local Konjam Style in Longba.
While Josh is the founder, striker, songwriter, composer, and video director, Varun is a music producer.
\"To prevent confusion, we have given ourselves a clear role.
It doesn\'t matter how others see it.
We are a band, a unit, \"said Varun, one year younger than his band mates.
After completing his engineering degree, he is now working on becoming a full-time employeetime musician.
\"From Chennai, we don\'t have an independent Tamil music band, which is very strange.
Here, you will only be recognized if you sing in a movie.
\"But we don\'t want to be a playback singer and we want to be recognized as an independent artist,\" he said . \".
Josh said the recognition may not be too far away, and he performed a companion song for Songgen Vichy Geling in the film Karate.
\"They\'re looking for artists like us to perform.
\"Soon, we can also enter the music industry,\" he said . \"
Varun also sang the song. to-be-
Vikram Prabhu film \"music director Iman\" released.
Varun acknowledged that it could be quite difficult to start such a business without family support, adding that the success of their video has calmed some domestic concerns.
\"Being an independent entertainer means having to wake up every morning and wondering what I have to do that day to advance my career,\" he said . \".
Their biggest dream is to be the first pop band to become a Tamil film music director.
\"There are people who are music directors now, but they are not independent artists.
It will be a huge step forward for the city\'s music scene, and we want to be the first to leave the neighborhood, \"they said.
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