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nadler pressed pelosi. transcript: 6/5/19, the last word w/ lawrence o’donnell.

by:Teesso     2019-09-05
Host Lawrence O\'Donnell: Good evening, Rachel.
I believe that the Hyde Amendment is the land law since 1976 and basically says there is no federal money available for abortion.
Until today, these issues have been addressed in Washington, because, of course, Joe Biden has been around long enough to be able to vote on this and take a stand like everyone at the time.
So, it came back as a problem.
I have to say that I am not aware of this.
Moderator rachel maddow: I will tell you that I think Senator Biden or Vice President Biden said today that his campaign said today that he still believes in the Hyde Amendment and that he still thinks it\'s a good law, I think this is a position that will not exceed the Democratic presidential primary.
I think women Hillary. Clinton in 2016 2016 led on the of Hyde amendment of.
Vice President Biden did not notice the political changes in this regard.
Politics in this area has changed completely, and if he persists, he will drag it along with Democratic female voters like a albatross.
I think that position will change.
O\'Donnell: It\'s interesting because in the days of Biden in the Senate you think it\'s something that really protects Democrats because they always say, Pro
There is no federal money for abortion.
So it was used as a political shield by Democrats. MADDOW: It was.
Then Hillary Clinton screwed it up because the Hyde Amendment works in real life in a way that is very discriminatory in terms of access to reproductive rights for different types of women in the country.
So she accepted that and I don\'t think she did it-Democrats in those years used that as a shield to try to avoid that argument.
When Clinton did that, the dam was broken.
I don\'t think beiden noticed that he will be destroyed on this issue by his fellow candidate in the first debate. I`m guessing. But we`ll see.
O\'Donnell: it is clear that one of the biggest challenges bedenkan Payne faces is to maintain enough flexibility, not only in 21st century politics, but now in 2020 politics. MADDOW: Yes.
O\'Donnell: It\'s a different game from 2016 or 2008, as you said.
MADDOW: Yes, it reminds me of Alexander okasio Cortes on Joe Lieberman\'s Twitter, a new character. O`DONNELL: Yes.
MADDOW: Now women have a different view of this and women are leaving the party.
Seeo \'Donnell: Thank you, Rachel.
Thank you, Lawrence.
O\'Donnell: Tonight, we have a wonderful performance by Elizabeth Warren at Indiana City Hall with Chris Hayes, including what some Trump voters have said.
Today, the House Judiciary Committee is under great pressure on impeachment, but it proves that they can legislation and investigate at the same time.
A bill from the House Judiciary Committee passed yesterday by 237 votes.
It provides Dreamers with access to legal status and citizenship, and some Republicans actually voted for the bill.
Then today, we learned that President Trump has planned new cruelty for children detained on the southern border.
No more English classes, no more football.
You will want to hear the enthusiasm of new effective congressman JoeNeguse, son of immigrants from East Africa, who raised the issue in the house.
We will show you the video of the house at the end of this hour, and members of Congress will join us.
He is a member of the House Judicial Committee.
So we will ask him about the critical issues that the Commission is now facing with impeachment.
The Republican presidential candidate, the former governor of Massachusetts, and former federal prosecutor Bill Wald will join us tonight.
We will ask him if he supports the impeachment process against President Trump.
Tonight we begin with Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who today expresses new confidence that Robert Muel will testify to his committee.
President Nadler said in an interview with NBC News. (
Start audio clips)
Reporter: How is it going with Mueller bringing him in? REP. JERRY NADLER (D-NY)
I can only say that I believe he will come soon.
Reporter: Do you need a subpoena to do this? NADLER: We may.
We will, if necessary.
Reporter: How long will it take for you to receive the summons?
Nadler: I\'m not going to comment, and I\'m not going to comment too much. (END AUDIO CLIP)
O\'Donnell: President Nadler said in an interview with CNN later that a formal impeachment investigation is likely to take place. We will see.
Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked if she was under pressure from several Democratic presidential candidates who supported the presidential campaign.
I don\'t think we have this.
I\'ll go there and read it to you.
Asked about this, Nancy Pelosi said that, first of all, Chairman shesaid was very proud of the work that the chairman of the committee was doing.
It belongs to the Judicial Council, she said.
Then she said, where did they go from here, step by step.
Nancy Pelosi continues to make those very cautious statements about impeachment without committing to impeachment, but she says we know exactly what action we need to take.
This is her last sentence on this issue.
Now, there are 61 members of the house, including a Republican, who announced in a public statement the start of an impeachment process against President Trump.
We do not know how many silent members of the House support it.
Half of the 24 Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee supported the investigation.
A new poll conducted this morning shows that 38% of Americans think Congress should impeach the president, and 48% think Congress should not.
In a new article entitled \"political costs of not impeaching Trump\" by \"GQ\", former Senate staff member Adam Jentleson wrote that at the beginning of the impeachment process, richard Nixon\'s approval rating was 65%, and only 19% of the public supported his impeachment.
At the end of the day, the numbers have turned over.
His approval rating was 24% and his support for impeachment was 57%.
Tonight, when an Indiana voter asked Senator Elizabeth Warren about religion, she said so. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
Presidential candidate: Miller\'s report came out. it came out in the afternoon. I started reading.
I read it all afternoon, I read it all night, I read it the next morning, all 448 pages.
I went to the end, there are three things men, there is nothing to avoid.
In the first part, hostile foreign governments attacked our 2016 elections in order to get Donald Trump elected.
In the second part, Donald Trump welcomed the help.
Part three, when the federal government tried to investigate Part One and Part Two, President Donald Trump delayed, deviated, moved, fired him and did everything possible to block Justice.
According to the information recorded in the report, if he is someone else in the United States, he will be handcuffed. Now –(APPLAUSE)
I took the oath of office to Donald Trump.
No president.
I am sworn in to the Constitution of the United States of America, which stipulates that no one, including the president of the United States, is above the law. (APPLAUSE)
I bet I understand it\'s hard politically.
But some things are more important than politics.
This is important to our democracy.
Not only now, but the next president, the next president and the next president.
We have a constitutional responsibility here.
This will start the impeachment process. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O\'Donnell: Tonight, the question is what is going on in the house?
There is a new report tonight in the \"politics\" magazine of thishour, and I quote the report on the disagreement between President Nadler and Speaker Pelosi on this point.
\"Politico\" said Nadler pressed Pelosi for his committee to launch a critical investigation into Trump, the second such request he made in recent weeks,
Pelosi firmly reiterated that she was not open to the idea of impeaching Trump.
So are Democrats waiting for the impeachment of voters, or are Democrats leading the impeachment of voters?
From a point of view within the house, fortunately, a senior member of the House, a senior member of the Clinton impeachment process, and Lloyd Dogen, a Texas Democrat, also joined, who is a member of the House fundraising committee?
And we, Adam Jentleson, a Senate staff member who was in Senate leader Harry Reid.
Also, Senator Dogen, first of all, let me start with your reaction to this report in politics, which has just been released, it shows that President Nadler has basically been trying to oppose this from Speaker Pelosi to Pelosi.
Is that what you understand tonight? . REP. LLOYD DOGGETT (D-TX)
: Well, I haven\'t verified that report since I flew out today, and I haven\'t talked to him.
But you know, personally, I have come to the conclusion that what we have to do is to bring up the impeachment process, not to be eager and not to be quick.
I believe that most judicial committees feel the same way, and perhaps the excellent work of President Nadler reflects not only his own views, but also those of his committee.
I came to this conclusion because I don\'t think our actions have an effective response to the complete obstruction of the Trump administration.
I think the footage of Senator Warren you just showed is a good summary of that.
We are responsible for the Constitution and for our democracy, and not only do we have to meet that obligation because Donald Trump seems to have committed criminal acts, but we are setting a precedent for a future president.
O\'Donnell: Congressman doggit, I believe you have a high degree of sympathy for Democrats, especially the newly elected Democrats in the swing zone, who have taken seats from Republicans, which may be
A Democrat in the House from Texas knows there is another party.
Obviously, there used to be more Democrats in the House from Texas.
You-how do you view the politics of those colleagues in the swing zones that take this risk, who has to calculate more accurately what this means for Republicans in their region and Republicans who would otherwise be willing to continue supporting the Democratic MP?
Dogen: Well, I know that the whole problem is taking a prominent place in the speaker\'s mind. Thirty-
A Democrat in Trump\'s area is very worried that not only will he eventually replace Trump, but we will finally have a Democratic Congress to respond to the new president, and there\'s a lot we care about.
I think the effect is mixed.
But my experience has always been that if you stick firmly and clearly to your principles and define them, people will respect them even in such a time of division, I believe most of my colleagues in these areas are strong and they explain it very well and we are starting to show the public the way we tell, and the Senate will never be convicted.
I think it is our responsibility to proceed with a lawsuit if we conclude that the conversation is appropriate.
The final verdict is not just the verdict, but among the American people who could be the final voter of the event in next November, they need to be fully aware of all the crimes that the president clearly committed.
Adam Zhan Sloan, the kind of Mavericks-like political considerations that I just raised, and we know that the issue of the Democratic Party\'s move towards impeachment has been raised with the Speaker, and how that would jeopardize the position of Democratic House members in the swing zone, your new article on risk refutes that, the political risk you\'re talking about, the political risk of not impeaching Donald Trump.
What are the risks facing Democrats?
Adam Zhan Sloan, former senior assistant to Sen
Harry reid: Well, if you want to take it purely from a political point of view, I do this, the risk is low turnout.
What you\'re talking about here is that the risk is that from now until election day, we spent 17 months talking about our differences with the caucus, instead of working together to use the power of the House Democrats to effectively use it to hold Trump accountable.
You know, I wrote about my experience in the Senate when Merrick Garland was going to be confirmed and McConnell stopped him.
You know, we could have taken some extreme steps, but we saw a poll by Hillary Clinton confidently beating Donald Trump, and we said, you know, don\'t-let\'s not let us do anything extreme.
We will win the election, and Hillary Clinton will send her Supreme Court nominee to the Democratic Senate.
This is not how it works.
You should use it when you have the opportunity to politically exercise power over your opponent.
O\'Donnell: Congressman dojit, Adam jantson, noted in his article that one of the biggest risks that Democrats do run politically in their current posture is due to failure to act
I think Adam has a very important article.
The focus is mainly on what the cost of Democratic impeachment is, not the cost of not completing our work and sitting in our hands.
We were elected to defend the Constitution and our democracy and fight Donald Trump when he was wrong.
The evidence outside is indeed shocking.
I think we need to do our job instead of sitting on our hands.
As you have pointed out, there is no reason why we can\'t continue trying to make legislation as we did this week and week after week, as we have done in terms of bringing bills to the Senate, taking very important action on the Dream Act, the Senate may participate.
But that is not why we are asking the president to take some responsibility to escape the responsibility to protect democracy.
O\'Donnell: In any case, many Democrats in the Democratic leadership seem to be using the experience of the Clinton impeachment case, something that Congressman Dogen has experienced in the House, their lesson is that the impeachment of Clinton is not working, Bill Clinton, the Republicans have failed politically, and Bill Clinton is still popular.
What lessons have you learned from the impeachment of Clinton, will you apply here and will not apply here?
JENTLESON: I mean, I think the main lesson in applying security in most cases is that it\'s not good to be impeached.
This is not a good thing for a president.
The Clinton situation is different from what we are now, because Bill Clinton is very popular and Ken Starr does not.
The public thinks Starr is on a fishing expedition and they think Clinton is being treated unfairly.
This is completely different from what we have now.
We have an unpopular president in history, and you have Robert Miller who the public thinks is very fair.
Bill Clinton never ran after he was impeached, so we don\'t know how it turned out.
We know that his successor, Al Gore, continued to lose the election he was supposed to win after inheriting the booming economy.
Therefore, it has had a negative political impact in this regard.
But the closest analogy is the Nixon case, in which the evidence against Nixon is harsh and overwhelming.
A president of 65% has stepped down.
So, I think it would be more appropriate for this to be the case in biclington.
Adam Kingston and Congressman Lloyd Dagan, thank you so much.
Really grateful.
Dao Gen: Thank you.
O\'Donnell: Next, I\'ll ask Bill welding, the only Republican presidential candidate against Donald Trump, his position on impeachment. (
Business break)
O\'Donnell: this is the presidential campaign that we have seen, and the candidate is facing a constant question, do you support or oppose the impeachment of the current president of the United States?
When Congress launched the impeachment process, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were in the second term.
So that brings new vitality to the presidential campaign, and the highest poll results for most Democratic presidential candidates are clearly in favor of impeachment.
But what about the Republican presidential candidate who competes with Donald Trump?
Former Governor of Massimo usetts Bill Weld has some personal history on the impeachment process.
His first job in Washington was in the House Judiciary Committee, when Hillary Clinton was a lawyer doing legal work when the committee approved the president.
Later, Bill welding resigned as head of the Department of Justice\'s Criminal Department due to a scandal involving Attorney General Edwin Mercer, who was Bill Welding\'s boss at the time.
Attorney General Meese is accused of using his office to enrich his private friends. (
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Unidentified women: there were signs this morning that legal issues surrounding Justice Minister Edwin Messé could force the Justice Department to do more defections.
On Tuesday, the resignation of Deputy Attorney General Arnold Burns shocked the department, who was followed by the head of the criminal department, William Velde.
Both men announced their resignation after failing to persuade the White House to abandon Meese on the grounds that global issues were hurting the department.
When told to resign, Meese was stunned and barely able to speak, officials said. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O\'Donnell: Bill, the former Republican governor, is joining us now.
He is running for a Republican presidential candidate against President Trump.
Governor, thank you very much for joining us tonight.
Really appreciate it. BILL WELD (R)
Presidential candidate: Thank you, Lawrence.
Always pleasant.
O\'Donnell: Let\'s discuss the day directly.
Are you going to impeach the president?
WELD: You know, Lawrence, I haven\'t come to a conclusion for a long time, but I finally come to the conclusion that it\'s time.
I will not say the time of the past.
But now is the time for the House Judiciary Committee, not the entire house, to start an investigation, not to vote, but to impeach the president.
There are two reasons why I say this.
In recent weeks, 1,000 former federal prosecutors, not 10, not 100, but thousands of people have signed a document that says evidence that President Trump is obstructing American Justice, not even closed.
This is overwhelming and I agree that I signed that document.
Second, I think people have ignored the schedule here.
Nixon\'s impeachment began in October, and 10 months later, President Nixon lost 74 years of impeachment.
Ten months from today, we will enter April, the Super Tuesday of the 2020 presidential primary.
So we may already know who the nominator will be or have a very good idea.
This is not the end of it.
At that time, if the House votes to impeach, the House will appoint six managers as prosecutors to hear the case in the Senate.
At least six or eight months.
I can tell you that as a former senior prosecutor, a complex white collar investigation, it will take 12 to 18 months for a grand jury investigation.
Not for six months.
So if Congress doesn\'t act at all now, the whole thing may be over before they do it.
This is a very powerful motivation.
O\'Donnell: I think what you said just now, first of all, as a Republican presidential candidate, you broke the news report tonight that the president should be the subject of an impeachment investigation by the House Judiciary Committee.
How will you bring this to the Republican vote in these Republican primaries?
WELD: What I want to say is that 1,000 of the prosecutors said it was a criminal act.
You never had it before.
Neither you nor Dick nicksong.
He served in 49 states.
You know, change in national politics.
My friend and hero, George Bush 41, had a good rating of 91% in December 1991.
Two months later, Pablo Kannan won 30 per cent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary.
This is the beginning of the end for my friend bush41.
So, things do change.
And, you know, my job is not to promote it to voters.
I don\'t mind quoting 1,000 federal prosecutors saying I know what they\'re talking about because I know.
But beyond that, people will not be persuaded if they are not persuaded.
O\'Donnell: in the report, the Democratic leadership in the House seems to be concerned about the swing voters in the former Republican constituency. The last person who voted for the Democratic Party was a member of Congress who voted for the Republican Party.
They worry about alienating them.
You will try to attract exactly the same voters and think an impeachment investigation should be conducted.
What impact does this have on your way to the meeting, your ability to host delegates attending the meeting?
WELD: Lawrence, I think the premise that your question is not stated is that nothing will change after the House committee begins its investigation.
There is a way to query information mining.
If the new information is correct, voters usually pay attention to it.
After Nixon was impeached, Nixon was popular.
I have been advised not to take a stand in the investigation even if I am on the Republican side.
Children, they say, because the president is so popular, it will be the end of your career.
He just won 49 states. Well, Mr.
Not only did Trump win 49 states, but he did not get the approval of 91 percent from both parties as Bush 41 did.
But, you know, you don\'t know what the findings will be.
This is the focus of the investigation.
Again, I emphasize.
I\'m not saying the House should vote.
I am talking about the committee, this is the committee in question, and the Peter rodino\'s committee I have served is the House Judiciary and they should be allowed to continue their work.
They will definitely have a subpoena.
I will definitely have a fight.
President Nixon eventually became an article on impeachment, blocking the summons from the House Judiciary Committee.
This will most likely come again, because Sir.
Trump said that if they investigate him, his government or his family, he will not work with anyone or how.
I mean, it\'s amazing.
This is something the president has never said before.
We will see how it turns out.
O\'Donnell: Governor, on the way to your campaign, say something short.
I\'m sure you want to do very well and do better than Pat Buchanan in New Hampshire, your neighbor. Then what?
WELD: Well, Lawrence, two ways.
One is geographically.
This will be six states in central England. Atlantic.
Then there are California and the West, Oregon, Washington state, some mountain and mountain states where I spent a lot of time in Utah, where President Trump won 14% of the vote in the primary.
President Trump in California is not getting along at all.
So I think I can play in all these states and in the southwest.
Only rust belts are left.
As already noted, some of these states have changed the idea of President Trump\'s victory. 2016.
Republicans in Wisconsin were blown away in 2018.
Of course, Pennsylvania will be a huge battleground state.
Again, I\'m talking about the primary.
I\'m not talking about the final.
You know, I don\'t have a chance among Republicans in California.
But in the primary, I think it has some good prospects for the president.
On the political side, I will not try to change the trump card of 50 states.
The Republican state committees in these 50 states are now made and ordered by Donald Trump.
I\'m going to try to get around this base, and it\'s a very small base, to say, to attract more millennials, more Xers and more suburban female voters by expanding voters.
I think these abortion laws over the last few weeks are completely an outrage, a theory of women\'s movable property, a question of gender equality.
I think it will resonate.
MSNBC host Lawrence O\'Donnell: Bill Wald, the Republican presidential candidate, thank you very much for joining us tonight, Bill Wald.
Thank you, Lawrence.
I appreciate it.
When we came back, we had more highlights from Elizabeth Warren at the City Hall in Indiana, where she was questioned by Trump voters. (
Business break)
O\'Donnell: We\'re only three weeks away from the first Democratic primary.
Tonight, Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, won 19 points at MSNBC City Hall in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with Donald Trump and Chris Hayes, one day, joe Biden says he supports the Hyde amendment to ban federal-funded abortion, which has been federal law since 1976.
Senator Elizabeth Warren was asked to take a position on the Hyde Amendment. (
Start Video Editing)
Chris Hayes, MSNBC host: Is Joe Biden wrong?
Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS)
Presidential candidate: Yes.
Why is he wrong?
This is how I see it.
I live in an American with illegal abortion.
With this in mind, women will still have abortions.
Now, some people feel lucky about what happened, and some people feel very unfortunate about what happened.
But the bottom line is they\'re there.
Under the Hyde Amendment, understand this with every effort to try to get rid of Roe and Wade.
Women with financial capacity still have access to abortion.
Who will not be a poor woman, who will be a working woman, who will be a woman who will not be able to take a vacation for three days, who will be a very young woman, will be a woman who is raped, will be women harassed by someone in their own family.
We will not pass laws that deprive our most vulnerable women of their liberty. (END VIDEO CLIP)O`DONNELL: Re-
The election vote is still the worst for President Trump.
A new poll shows Donald Trump is in trouble in Texas.
Since 1976, Republicans have won every presidential election.
A kunnipiac poll showed Joe Biden beat Donald Trump 48-4 in Texas44.
Elizabeth Warren ranked second in the Texas poll of Donald Trump, within the error range of 45-46.
A new Michigan poll shows that the key to Donald Trump\'s college victory is that the president lags behind every Democrat, and every one is investigated against Donald in that election.
Both Biden and Sanders are ahead of President Trump by 12 points, 53 points and 41 points.
Pete butigeg, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris also lead Donald Trump in Michigan polls.
According to a poll by the morning consulting company, the president\'s approval rating is problematic nationwide, which is negative in the seven states he won in 2016, which is the seven important points he won in 2016.
Now joining us is Maria Teresa Kumar, who is president and CEO of VotoLatino and a contributor to MSNBC, and Adam Jentleson is back.
Maria Teresa, the president\'s poll is very bad, and so far a new issue in the Democratic primary, the Hyde Amendment, which has been federal law since 1976, has now become the center of the campaign.
Maria Teresa Kumar, MSNBC contributor: OK, let\'s be clear.
In the past six or seven election cycles, who will come out again and again to vote?
It\'s a woman.
When you start talking about physical health, when you start face-to-face with women, you don\'t have the idea of giving them physical agents, you will basically show that a group of out-of-proportion women may not have the means to do so and you make them dangerous
But they also voted in record numbers.
That\'s one of the reasons why this is going to be a hot campaign issue.
You \'d better believe that on the day after the president took office, women marched in droves across the country.
This is because they recognize their vulnerability and women are united on this issue.
I think Joe Biden has to figure out if he\'s going to push his career forward, modernize his point of view, and recognize that it\'s going to be for women to take his place.
I think when we talk about what the president is doing underwater in real time, when you\'re not only talking about issues that Americans really care about, but when you go to places like Missouri and when you go to places like Michigan, it\'s not surprising that the tariffs you\'re talking about will directly affect the personal life in the manufacturing industry about how much they need to suddenly get the items they need every day, whether it\'s clothing, etc, this has become a very economic problem.
The president will have to figure out how he coordinated the historical debate with the issue of bread and butter that made sure we kept manufacturing alive and prosperous, and people can actually pay bills.
O\'Donnell: Elizabeth Warren actually wants this town hall to be in Fort Wayne, Indiana tonight, because she wants to get into the heart of the Trump Nation, and she\'s been asked a few things about Trump voters throughout the hour.
Let\'s listen to one of them. (
Start Video Editing)
Susan croper, 2016 Trump voter: I just feel like I \'ve been betrayed and disappointed.
I thought Trump would really keep America\'s job, but that\'s not the case.
Warren: I want to make about 1.
New 2 million jobs
New jobs are good jobs, manufacturing jobs, and good union jobs. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O\'Donnell: Adam Jentleson, Elizabeth Warren is surrounded by Trump\'s voice, where the four of them sit, right in the middle of the Heton Hall.
Adam jentleson, director of public affairs for democratic progress: Yes.
I think, you, I mean, my experience is, you know, I mean, Senator Warren is a working class from Homer.
This is her background.
You know, she\'s very comfortable in this situation.
You know, I was reading about a month ago and she went to KMET in West Virginia to talk about the opioid crisis.
I mean, she grew up with these people.
She is very comfortable in a person. to-
Really through the situation of people there.
O\'Donnell: Maria Teresa, one of the things that we saw about Trump voters at the town hall was their disappointment with President Trump\'s commitment.
In the opioid crisis, for example, it was one of the things Trump voters asked Elizabeth Warren.
KUMAR: Well, I think what you found out is that when they voted for Trump, they were basically the majority of Americans who voted for him and they were throwing coins.
They never fully recovered from the 2008 recession, they lost their jobs and saw things going.
\"You know, we will give this merchant a try.
The merchant proved to be basically a scam full of snakes, promising that they would do nothing and not change their lives, but directly affect their lives.
Again, specifically, I was talking specifically about what happened to the tariff.
He did not address the prevalence of opioid drugs, and he did not claim weekly fracture weakness, which we have not yet seen.
Elizabeth Warren reminds the American people what happens when you roll up your sleeves and re-invest in our country, will you re-invest in our infrastructure and get people back to work?
At the end of the day, the reason someone is going to vote is that someone will make their economic life better.
Remind yourself again that not every American has really recovered from the recession.
This is what people really care about.
That\'s why they are looking for more middle people.
They are looking for people with great ideas, odaisiside, to actually correct the country we are in now.
Maria Teresa, we\'re off.
But before we do that, I would like to hear the latest news that you have heard from the Washington Post today about the president\'s new brutal behavior for children detained on the southern border.
This is the most disappointing work you know.
These detention centers are for profit.
They are making money when they maximize-they are basically taxing individuals and creating maximum cruelty for young people.
In this case, we are talking about minors who do not have a family and they are separated from the world in many ways, and they-what they want is basically to give them some legal aid, so that they can have representation, give them the chance to learn English, give them the chance to play football outside.
The president redoubled and said that we will not do so, although he knows that people have made record profits from the backs of these people.
We have no negligence.
Congress really-I mean, one of the reasons why so many people came out to vote in November was because they wanted accountability.
We need Congress to really do that, to hold these people accountable, and to make sure that someone pays for the pain that is unnecessarily suffered.
Maria Teresa Kumar and Adam jantleeson, thank you for participating in our discussion tonight.
Thank you, Lawrence.
O\'Donnell: after the break, when we came back, the Senate Republicans finally found their turning point with Donald Trump. That`s next. (
Business break)
O\'Donnell: Senate Republicans have finally reached an agreement with Donald Trump.
This is not an obstacle to justice, nor is it Trump\'s personal dedication to Putin and KIM JONG-UN --
The United Nations, this is not a tariff on children on the southern border.
Republicans in the Senate eventually admitted publicly to tax the American people.
Senate Republicans are breaking with President Trump as he threatens to impose huge new taxes on all the goods we import from Mexico, unless Mexico stops people from crossing our southern border.
Republican Senator Joe Biden from Texas is now leading Donald Trump in the polls, their strongest stand against Trump\'s threatened tariffs.
\"We point our guns at our heads,\" said senior Republican senator John coning of Texas . \".
Texas junior Senator Ted Cruz says farmers, ranchers, manufacturers and small businesses in Texas have no reason to pay the price of huge new taxes.
We \'ve been telling you for years that Trump\'s tariffs are actually taxes on Americans, and now the Republicans are finally acknowledging that.
Yesterday, seven Republicans broke with the president in the House and voted for the American dream and commitment act of 2019.
The House Judiciary Committee submits the bill to the House to demonstrate that the Judiciary Committee can legislation and investigate the president at the same time.
The bill will grant legal status and citizenship to young people who have been brought to the country as children and have lived here for a lifetime.
Joe Neguse, a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, supports the bill. (
Start Video Editing)REP. JOE NEGUSE (D-CO)
The House Judiciary Committee: I am not only a member of this body today, not just as a proud American, but also the son of immigrants, the son of an African refugee who came to the United States from war 35 years ago-he came to the United States
Torn countries in East Africa
They became naturalization citizens and they never forgot and never accepted the freedom and opportunity that the United States of America gave them and their children.
I am able to stand in this Chamber with all of you today, which proves that the American dream is true and I hope that it will be realized for generations to come.
So we have to go through the HR department. 6 today. Right now. Right now.
Now, we have young people all over the country. they don\'t know other countries except the United States.
These children are dedicated and willing to work hard to get a college education.
They are excellent in their career.
They contribute to our community in countless ways every day.
We cannot allow these young people to continue to live in fear, risking every day being taken away from life and losing everything they know. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O\'Donnell: after the final break, members of Congress will join us.
We will ask him about his position on impeachment as a member of the House Judiciary Committee.
With regard to the breaking news tonight, with regard to the conflict between President Nadler and Speaker Pelosi, we will hear more about his fight for the dreamer in the house. (
Business break)NEGUSE: Mr.
I would like to quote, speaker, as follows.
\"Bold men and women are eager for freedom and opportunity, and they leave their hometown to start their lives in a new country.
They believe in the American dream, and they realize it for themselves, for their children and for others over and over again.
They received more than they did.
They work hard and succeed. they are often entrepreneurs, but their greatest contribution is not only economic, because they understand in a special way how glorious it is to be an American.
This sentence is not what I said.
That\'s what President RonaldReagan said.
They were-in the same year my parents came to the United States, they were delivered in 1980 by President Ronald Reagan.
Let\'s go through hr-
Today, let\'s treat every American in our country who struggles as hard as you and I do.
Let\'s treat them with the respect they deserve. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O\'Donnell: now we are joined by Joe Negus, a new congressman from Colorado.
He is a member of the House Judicial Committee.
Congressman, I would like to talk to you about this great example that you have published this week that the judicial committee can legislate and investigate at the same time.
The judicial council passed DREAMersbill from the committee and then in the house.
Let me start with tonight\'s political news, which undoubtedly shows that Speaker Pelosi and your chairman of the Judicial Council, Jerry Nadler, have a lot of differences on impeachment.
Political coverage Nadler has urged Pelosi to allow his commission to launch a critical investigation into Trump, the second such request he has made in recent weeks, but has been met by California Democrats and others
Is that how you understand Chairman Nadler\'s position?
NEGUSE: Well, Lawrence, it\'s nice to be with you.
Thank you for getting me involved in this project.
On your first point, I would say, I think you are exactly right.
That said, you know, we \'ve been talking for a long time and we can, you know, walking and chewing gum at the same time, legislation and supervision are not mutually exclusive.
I think we proved this over and over again, and of course, yesterday we passed the dream and commitment act.
Regarding your question about this report, I did not see this report, so I do not know that I can comment on this.
Look, you know, you\'re covering it like everyone else.
There are clearly some differences of opinion within the Democratic caucus.
As expected, we are a diverse party, a huge core group of tents.
The country has different regions, geographically and politically.
Therefore, there will be different opinions on both policy and supervision.
It is clear that, as you know, some people think it is the most prudent step to proceed with litigation under normal supervisory procedures.
There are also people, including me, who think it is the most prudent step to start an investigation and criticize it.
And, as you know, you \'ve interviewed a few of my colleagues before, those of us who are on the Judicial Council, and some of us are stuck in the latter camp, part of the reason is that we witnessed the massive obstruction of Congress in a very heartfelt way.
I mean, the government has ignored these issues over and over again, and this is a subpoena from our committee.
So, of course, as I said, we will have more, perhaps a heartfelt understanding of the kind of obstruction that happens at close range.
But I feel that our chair is doing a good job he has arranged a series of hearings, and I believe you have mentioned them in the program that starts next week that will really focus on the substance of the special counsel report, I would like to try again to educate the American public about the findings in the report, which in many ways are confused by the government\'s obstruction of our ability to strengthen basic supervision.
O\'Donnell: Based on my experience working with the chair of the Senate and the committee, I have to say to me that the indicator, the open indicator that chair Nadler at least tends to impeach, is, he allowed half of the Democratic Party members, including you, to impeach and publicly support it.
The chairman has at least tried to control what their members have said publicly.
NEGUSE: You know, I \'ve only been in Congress for a few months, so, given your years of experience in Parliament, you certainly have a better understanding of it.
But, you know, my feeling is that, you know, we agreed in the caucus.
You know, each and every one of us has been chosen to do our best to represent our constituents and to finally deliver on our vows to defend the Constitution.
So, you know, members end up making decisions based on their own schedule, and I think we should respect that.
O\'Donnell: The last sentence tonight is Congressman Joe Negus.
Thank you so much for joining us tonight, Congressman.
Thank you, Lawrence.
O\'Donnell: 11 hours by Brian Williams is now on.
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