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mother \'killed baby with toilet paper and hid body\'

by:Teesso     2019-09-15
A court heard that a mother filled her mouth with toilet paper in front of her corpse and killed her newborn girl.
Claudia Martins, 33, gave birth on her own in the bathroom of her sister\'s apartment in Bristol Norle, allegedly keeping her pregnancy secret.
On September 12, 2014, MS Martins denied a murder charge at the Royal Court of Bristol.
After MS Martins initially denied pregnancy, police found the baby\'s body in a suitcase.
Medical staff were initially called after family and friends found Martin MS \"bleeding a lot\" in the bathtub.
She was taken to the Royal Infirmary in Bristol, where she repeatedly told the medical staff that she was not in labor or pregnant.
Two days later, the police were called to the apartment and found the body of a newborn baby in a small black suitcase.
MS Martins, a Portuguese national described as having a very low IQ, was arrested and admitted that she had given birth, but said the child had died. A post-
A forensic examination found a stack of toilet paper in the girl\'s mouth, which experts said was \"deliberately inserted.
Prosecution Adam Vaitilingam QC said that on September 15, two police officers were called to the apartment MS shared by Martins with sister Wilma Marshall.
They were taken to the bathroom of the apartment where they saw and opened a suitcase.
\"Inside, they wrapped it in towels and black plastic bags and found the body of a newborn baby girl,\" he said . \".
\"Three days ago, the defendant Claudia Martins gave birth to the child.
\"The prosecution case is that as soon as the baby was born, she killed him and she hid the body in her suitcase.
\"The defense is that she never knew she was pregnant and when she gave birth it was dead and she hid it in her suitcase out of a mix of shock and panic.
\"The jury heard that Martins MS from Mozambique but moved to Portugal before settling in Bristol in 2011.
The case continues.
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