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mother abandons her newborn baby in a dustbin before riding away on a motorcycle in thailand... but is caught by cctv

by:Teesso     2019-09-21
It was a shocking moment when a mother in Thailand threw the newborn baby into the bin before she left on a motorcycle.
A 29-year-old womanyear-
Lao varabang gave birth to a child in Samut Prakan\'s apartment on Wednesday, but soon found a place to abandon the child.
Surveillance footage showed her riding a motorcycle in a nearby city.
With her other child.
Park in front of an industrial bin.
She was seen carrying a black parcel up and down the motorcycle and throwing it into the bin.
Then Waraporn drove away as a pedestrian walked past the bin and did not notice the little boy.
The child was placed in the heat for about four hours until someone from a bin came to collect the waste and found that the baby was still alive in a gray bag.
The newborn is wrapped in a towel and the umbilical cord is still there.
The man then called the police and rescue workers who took the baby to Sampran hospital.
Police at the Pho Kaew regional police station began investigating and studying CCTV, which led to their knowledge of Waraporn.
The young mother was found to suffer from unhealthy childbirth, overwork, cramps and bleeding.
The police sent her to the hospital, and she admitted to abandoning her child, saying that she already had four children and that there were too many fifth children.
She claims that she does not have enough food and milk to feed all her children.
\"My husband is a driver in another province,\" varabang said.
He only made 10,000 baht. £251 or $318)
A month is not enough to support the family.
\"I gave birth to him in the toilet and had to cut the cord myself before I left the baby in the Sampran area.
\"I\'m not trying to kill him.
I left him there hoping someone could find him and take care of him.
\"I was worried that someone would see me, so I left soon.
I regret what I did.
Police said the mother was accused of abandoning a child under the age of nine.
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