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by:Teesso     2019-09-22
Nivedita Thomas, a young fashion designer and fashionista, believes that style and attitude weave interesting images of our personalities.
A person\'s costume reveals the person and his/her character, she added.
So when it comes to choosing a career, nivita has a few trump cards.
She doesn\'t doubt at all that she wants to be a fashion designer, and her love of fabric, color, seams and cut opens the door to her fashion career.
After completing the 22-year-old international fashion design course in Mumbaiyear-
Prior to her gaining confidence and knowledge, old nivita worked for a while at leading fashion designers and shops
How to launch your own product line, Lillibet.
However, she decided to start with the child instead of rolling out a line for young people.
An informal market survey by Nivedita found that one part did not receive enough attention-children\'s fashion.
\"There are few options, especially in the age group of six months to four years.
Most of the products sold are imitation of adult clothing, as well as imitation of nylon and other synthetic materials.
For tropical countries like us, this is certainly not the right material.
The comfort and convenience of the child is not taken into account.
\"The painting was finished with fine decoration, buttons, fancy embroidery and strange fashion,\" she said . \".
A small number of brands that attract discerning and knowledgeable customers are not common outside the metropolis, and some international brands have proved to be very expensive.
\"I have always been interested in children\'s clothes.
The first dress I designed and customized was for the baby.
I found that designing for children is my best choice . \"
This is how Lillibet was launched in April.
The accent is comfortable.
Clean, simple cut for kids
The collar, soft lace, embroidery and cut are decorated in a friendly fabric.
All the beads are removed and the decorations and folds (if any) are used with great care.
Minimalism is the key, and the soft colors she uses when creating are the key.
Each dress in the collection was designed by her and customized by a select group of tailors in the City and Mumbai. A-
The Peter Pan collar comes with a sleeveless dress in color, plaid and print.
In addition to overalls and jumpsuit, there are lovely lace baby clothes and pine nuts with crosses
On the back tape.
Crochet Lace, pockets and satin ribbons for the old-
The World charm of her clothes.
Pin tucks, sashes, pleats, scallop-shaped hems, cover sleeves and more decorate a series of cute clothes that make you sticky on them.
\"I chose the fabric, lace, buttons and everything else used in the clothes.
I make sure the buttons don\'t hurt kids and avoid using heavy hooks or buttons as much as possible.
Travel has become a must to choose materials and meet my tailor.
My mother, Berna Augustine, accompanied me on a trip, \"said nivita.
The price starts with Rs. 1,200.
The designer added that clothes for special occasions such as baptism and birthday will soon appear on her page and she will also accept custom clothes. The city-
Nivedita, a former student at Trivandrum International School, wants her brand to become strong in the online marketplace.
The exhibitions in Mumbai and Bangladesh give her confidence in her brand and its range of products available on www. facebook. com/lillibet. babygotclass.
She is pleased that she has secured a contract to supply one of the largest online retailers of baby clothing.
\"Baby has class\" is our slogan.
\"My collection is dominated by retro British style, whether it\'s color or pattern of clothes,\" Nivedita said . \". And the name?
\"Oh, Elizabeth is my middle name, and I have heard that Queen Elizabeth used to call herself Lillibet when she was toddler, when she could not pronounce it.
The late Princess Diana, who had an impeccable sense of fashion, apparently once called her aunt Lillibet.
\"As my work was inspired by the British children\'s clothing, I thought the name was just right,\" she explained . \".
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