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military shaves restrictions on women in uniform wearing ponytails

by:Teesso     2019-09-04
The Canadian military has not yet relaxed, but women in uniform are allowed to wear ponytail for the first time.
This move also makes the nylon stockings optional on the skirt, can wear flat shoes instead of high heels or Oxford shoes, after recently relaxing the restrictions on Beard, boots and off, latest efforts to modernize Canadian Armed Forces
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At the same time, the senior commanders have made concerted efforts to increase the number of women in the army, which is slower than some would like.
Alan gumond, chief search warrant officer, said: \"We know that greater control over the personal image benefits the morale of current cafe members and helps us attract future members to join our team, \"The highest of the Army
Commissioned Officer.
\"In general, we are working to better reflect the Canadians we serve, while welcoming new members to join us.
\"In the past, female military personnel with long hair were asked to keep braids or steamed buns on duty.
They were also asked to wear five.
If they work on skirts, CM pumps or Oxford shoes as well as nylon.
Why are those measures that limit traditional security, in the case of the horse tails party, defense officials cannot answer this question immediately.
It is not that the military has completely thrown away the rules manual;
According to the new guidelines issued to military personnel this week, only one ponytail is allowed and must be \"gathered at the center rear of the head \".
The leather stockings are you.
The ceremonial uniform also does not allow ponytails and ignores trendsetters like Ariana Grande who cannot be \"below their armpits \".
Although the rules of women\'s shoes are relaxed to allow flat shoes, freedom does not extend to \"ballerina --slipper styles.
\"Sorry for men, you have to do your impression of David Beckham at home: there is no ponytail for you, even the short breed.
Like last fall\'s decision to allow a beard in more cases, the latest move received a mixed reaction from service and veterans on social media, which some praised for being overdue, others worry that the military doesn\'t look so professional.
But it may not hurt the military\'s efforts to recruit and retain more women in uniform.
Minister of Defense.
Jonathan Vance declared publicly shortly after taking over the force on February 2016 that he hoped that by 2026, women would make up 25 of the Army.
At that time, only 15 service personnel were women.
Figures provided by the Ministry of Defense show that this figure has increased to 15 in early January.
Vance acknowledged to the Canadian media that the growth rate was slower than he expected. —
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