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men’s style: the new smart casual

by:Teesso     2019-08-16
Joules sells casual clothes in a \"less formal\" formal dress Series, marking its 30 years.
The collection combines the brand\'s traditional style with British tailoring and will be sold exclusively next year. Slim-
Fitted jacket, £ 150, sports jacket, £ 199, trendy polo shirt and knitwear;
Brogues, £ 130;
Pants, £ 100 (next. co. uk).
As one of our favorite high street brands, Summer stockArket has just launched a lightweight high-match shirt
Japanese fabric with density, £ 99.
It worked with Italian textile company Limonta to create a planet together.
Friendly swim shorts made of recycled fishing nets and nylon leftovers, £ 55.
They have already sold online, and they landed in the store this week (arket. com/en).
5 reasons we love. . .
Harman Karton quote 3001.
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