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Match the color of the shirt with size

by:Teesso     2020-04-08
Shirt match the color and shape of 1, a white shirt will not any size, whether you are a white shirt, no doubt is a necessity, the collocation of any color suits, can have a landslide victory, also easy to give the viewer the feeling of vitality, clean, and not too bleak matt, therefore, a purchase for a white shirt is innocent, especially men, especially easy to sweat, the shirt of natural life, when a yellow shirt, has impotent save don't come back, even if the appearance without any damage, please also very reluctantly give up what one favours, otherwise will only for you in shabby, foot the predicament. 2, stripe unlined upper garment also security in general, as long as don't between line and line spacing is too large, the line is not too thick, can be accepted, the safety of stripe size, spacing between the stripe is less than 1 cm, and the rules distance, line width is very fine, like automatic pencil across the line, style is not easy to go wrong, is worth to recommend. 3, grid unlined upper garment to be careful as a striped shirt, the area of the grid if small conservative fine grid, generally do not have what problem, but if the grid area is very large, leisure flavor is strong, at this time is fit for work in formal situations, such as unable to convey the grave of momentum, and holiday leisure time, ordinary dress are very nice. 4, blue is popular now, working men almost has a blue shirt, even there are several different blue shirt, the importance of them keep pace with a white shirt. Everyone has a blue shirt and matching but have subtly different. When is a blue shirt, tie, suit three, match must let different blue present administrative levels. 5, body size and shirt match if you are a kind of type, so too obvious stripes, plaid is not suitable for you: if you are a medium type, high stiffness and thickness of cloth shirt, can and you are right; If you are a stable footwall or long feet tall type, stripes, plaid shirt is very match with you; If you are stout, plain is your choice.
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