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marree aboriginal school provides uniforms after 126 years

by:Teesso     2019-08-30
After 126, students at the MarreeAboriginal school put on their uniforms again.
Principal Maurice Shah told NITV News that the uniform was blueand-
The girl wore a white plaid dress and the boy wore a red polo shirt, which made the school feel very fulfilled.
\"We are proud to belong to the MarreeAboriginal School, and we are proud to be part of the great things that are happening in our School,\" Mr. Morris said . \".
Mr. Saah became the principal of the school in January 2016, nearly 700 kilometers from Adelaide, South Australia.
Although formal uniforms were already available, the students did not wear them.
He discussed with his staff to start over.
The staff responded positively, so Mr Saah raised the idea to the parents of children under the age of 18
Student School and ask them to complete a survey.
100 of the response is positive, he said.
The school designed a new uniform based on parents\' feedback.
He added that Rob Hawkins, an education director, and the community supported him in completing the process.
The uniform costs $16.
He says each is below the average of $30.
The cost of other state schools is £ 40.
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