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man of indian sub-continental appearance wanted for indecent assault

by:Teesso     2019-08-30
Police in New South Wales have called for public assistance in confirming an Indian man
Earlier this year, a child appeared on the mainland after being molested in Bankstown.
The incident occurred on May 19, whenyear-
The old boy and his aunt walked to the north end of the bus exchange at the shopping center on the North Terrace of Bankstown.
Police were told that the man did not touch the child properly after calling the child and asking him to go to the place where he was sitting.
The boy\'s aunt witnessed the incident and they immediately left the area and reported the matter to the security department.
The incident was then handed over to the police at the local command in Bankstown.
This man is described as the man of the Indian submarine.
European look from 45 to 50 years old, brown eyes, untidy
Black hair and black moustache.
It is reported that he has a mole or wart on his right cheek and a mole around his forehead and chin.
He is short and fat. He has a big belly and a flat nose.
At the time of the incident, the man was wearing a beige polo shirt, brown stripes, black trousers, sandals, etc.
If anyone has any information that will help with this person\'s identity, please contact the police or criminal blocker 333 of the local command in Bankstown on 1800.
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