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man charged with killing georgia officer was naked when captured

by:Teesso     2019-08-14
Two police officers were shot dead, one of whom was fatal. On Friday, a man walked out of the woods and opened fire when police were investigating a stolen car found along a rural road in Georgia. Authorities said.
Suspected gunman, 31-year-
Old Seth Brandon Vogel, arrested a few hours after he came out of a forest again --
Don\'t wear clothes this time.
Kenny Dodd, police chief at Polk County, said he had surrendered.
Dodd said Spangler was wanted in a neighboring county for violating probation.
Now, he faces felony murder and serious attack charges in the killing of Polk County Police Officer Kristin Hearne and the shooting of David Goodrich police officer, and David Goodrich\'s body armor is protected
\"This is obviously not his first run.
Dodd said at a news conference.
\"I don\'t know why he thinks the life of a policeman is worth it, she\'s just doing her job.
This is a meaningless killing.
\"Goodrich went to investigate a report of the stolen vehicle before 11: 00. m.
Hearn came as a backup.
The 22-year-old Spangler and Samantha Roof walked to the police from a wooded area.
The director of the Georgian Bureau of Investigation, Vernon Keenan, said that when the police started talking to them, they were acting suspiciously, and Spangler pulled out his pistol and fired at two police officers.
Spangler and Roof ran out of the scene, followed by a search.
Keenan said the roof was soon arrested and Spangler surrendered to the police a few hours later.
\"He came out of the woods and didn\'t wear clothes, just gave up on himself,\" Dodd said . \".
\"So we are currently looking for clothing with dogs.
Keenan said the roof will also face felony charges.
A county official initially said two suspects had been captured and one was at large.
But police later said there were only two people involved.
Gudric was hit by his body armor and was able to fight back, Dodd said.
Detective Hern in plain clothes-
Polo shirt and khaki-
No body armor.
\"It\'s not common for investigators to wear vests at work all day long,\" Dodd said . \".
\"This is probably a policy we need to rethink.
Hearn, 29, is five.
Dodd says she has worked in this department for a year, worked hard, and loved her job.
She married a 3-year-old son.
\"Language cannot express the sadness and harm we feel now as an institution,\" Dodd said . \".
Goodrich, a rookie, worked in the Department for six months.
Both officials were brave, Dodd said.
Keenan said Spangler was wanted for violating the probation order.
Records from the Georgian Correctional Services show that Spangler was released from prison on August 2016.
He served his sentence for 2011 of child abuse charges and for the increase in criminal offences imposed on prisoners in possession and possession of drugs in 2015.
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