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malta at centre of lockerbie case

by:Teesso     2019-09-28
Valletta, Malta--
Maltese businessman Tony gaiz is one of the most important witnesses in the trial of two defendants in the Lockerbie air crash 12 years ago.
But his role in the long run
Only when the bomber Abdul Basse Ali mohmede al-
Magrahi walked into his store on December 1988, weeks before the deadly flight took off. Al-
Megrahi bought some clothes from Gauci\'s store that he later used to fill his suitcase with a bomb.
Police investigating the explosion tracked the charred fragments of sky blue baby climbing suits, umbrellas and adult clothing found in the wreckage of the plane, which were from Gauci\'s small family --
Run stores in Sliema, a coastal suburb of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta.
The investigation meant that Gauci was involved in the investigation almost immediately.
Sliema, once the focus of Malta\'s upper class, is still regarded as one of the most prestigious addresses on the island, and is welcomed by British tourists all the year round.
Gauci still runs the shop on Tower Street in the town\'s shopping district, Mary\'s House, which sells children, men\'s and women\'s clothing and beach clothes.
This store retains the traditional Malta store
There is a long tile entrance in front, leading to the gate, with two sweeping display windows on both sides, packed with mannequin and costume displays that attract tourists.
A local shopkeeper, who declined to be named, said Gauci still runs the store, a key factor in the prosecution case.
\"Mary\'s House is run by Tony Gates.
\"He lives locally and is single,\" she said . \".
At the trial, Gauci said, Al-
Megrahi \"looks like\" a man who bought clothing from a store a few weeks before the explosion that destroyed the Pan Am 103 flight over Lockerbie.
Gaochi also identified Al-
Megrahi was the one who bought clothes on previous occasions.
He told the court that the man was not interested in the items he had selected and left by taxi. Al-
Megrahi was picked up at Luqa Airport, Malta International Airport, and was driven by Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah, former station manager of Libyan Arab Airlines, to reach Sliema in 25 minutes.
Fhimah was acquitted on Wednesday at Zeist camp in the Netherlands. Al-
Megrahi checked in to this hotel and now has a spectacular 5 star stay with the name Ahmed Khalifa abdoumaed, as the hotel records show, he called to seven o\'clock A. M. on the day of the Fahi explosion. The 189-
Guest rooms: The Sand Rock Hotel was built on the old site of 18th-century fort with spectacular sea views.
Part of it occupies the officer\'s restaurant of the Royal Maltese artillery.
Fhimah\'s home is located at Spring Street St John\'s apartment in the small town of Mosta, close to the center of Malta.
The town is known for its parish church of St. Mary, and is more famous for The Monsta Dome Church.
Located on the outskirts of the town of Luqa, the airport is a modern building consisting of sandstone and dark glass, rebuilt in 1992 as part of the expansion plan.
It started here.
Magrahi smuggled a new suitcase with a bomb on an Air Malta flight to Frankfurt Airport, Germany.
The court was told that he used the Malta Air baggage label to ensure that the suitcase was transferred to Pan Am flight 103 destined to fly from Frankfurt to New York via Heathrow. Provincial-
Today, large Luka airports taking off from Tripoli, Sicily, Cantania, Zurich, Rome, Frankfurt and London in Libya arrive every day.
On 1999, flights from Tripoli and Benghazi to Malta resumed only after United Nations sanctions were suspended. Al-
Megrahi arrived in Malta from Tripoli on December 20, 1988, the day before the explosion.
Libyan double spy Abdul Majid Jaka said he saw Fhimah take a brown suitcase from the baggage conveyor belt at the airport, in line with the description of the suitcase used to store the bomb
Malta is seen as a major part of the jigsaw puzzle pieced together after the explosion and is also the focus of the prosecution case.
The defense described a convicted terrorist, Mohammed Abu Tabu, as a trial witness who provided evidence for the prosecution and was one of the real perpetrators of the Defense bombing.
Talb admitted at trial that he was also in contact with Malta when he was on the island, and just two months before the rage, the bomb started its journey, but he insisted that he was on a business trip.
Talb also denied that he had radio.
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Similar to the one with the bomb.
To Abdu Salem, a bakery owner in Malta
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