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long life full of determination, humanity

by:Teesso     2019-09-11
In his long life, with his wisdom and steel
A firm determination to achieve his goals, which usually benefits others.
\"He is very generous to everyone, very generous to everything, trying to recognize and promote others, not himself,\" said friends and colleagues . \".
\"One of his most passionate activities in the community is to help others succeed.
Juhasz died on June 19 at the age of 99.
He received an engineering degree in 1936 and worked as an engineer during World War II.
Abrams said he and his sister went out with fake documents when the country would clearly fall under Communist rule.
They went to Sweden first and then to Canada, but it was delayed there, although Juhasz proposed to work in heat transfer and thermodynamics at MIT.
They arrived in the United States. S.
In early 1950, however, he began studying at MIT.
From there, he went to the journal Applied Mechanics Review and worked as editor of the magazine.
He eventually moved to San Antonio, where he served as executive editor.
For more than 20 years, he has worked at Southwest Research, traveling around the world and lecturing in six languages that he is fluent in.
In his later years, Juhasz was interested in advanced geometry and developed a laboratory at the Southwest Research center to demonstrate its concept and later transferred it.
\"He has a strong interest in ensuring that the younger generation understands geometry and mathematics,\" said the friend . \".
\"He did not talk about it;
He made it happen.
The longtime friend said it was a characteristic of his life.
She recalled the story he told about saving a Jewish colleague.
Workers working in Hungary
\"The man did not appear in the office and he knew he was Jewish and thought the guards of the SS had taken him away.
He found the man in custody, so \"he dressed up as a SS guard and went to the police station\" and asked for his release.
Juhasz succeeded, took his acquaintance out of the station and later helped him escape the country.
\"He\'s a very stubborn person, weird, and always wants his way,\" Messi said . \".
\"So you can see how he intimidated the police.
\"He met a lot and a lot of people,\" she added . \".
\"He always takes time and money to help others, but he asks you to do so. . . .
It is difficult to say no to him;
He will pull you into something and you will think, \'I am not sure if I will do it voluntarily.
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