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levy: pride goers take a rain check this year

by:Teesso     2019-08-13
She marched along Yongji Street.
3 1/2 on Sunday-towards the end
Hour parade in police costume
Put on your hat and hold a sign that says, \"Thank you, the police, for protecting us today . . . . . . Protect us forever.
Behind the logo of lesbian advocate Carol pasteernak, there is a message: \"collective punishment is not good for gay, black, Jewish and police.
\"I have known Pastrnak for many years.
She and her partner, Audrey kuyumdejian, are at the forefront and center of the fight for gay people Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA)
The parade ended six years ago.
Her sign says everyone\'s thoughts, especially those who watch the parade from a distance, because the ridiculous ban on police officers wearing uniforms for the parade, they choose to stay away again, the ban that started last year.
Instead, a team of 20 Toronto police officers marched in uniform Sunday at the Pride Parade in New York City.
However, despite being told that they were not welcome to the so-called \"inclusive\" parade, Toronto police provided security there by bike and on foot --
About $500,000 of security to be proud-
This will be absorbed by taxpayers. Oh, never mind.
There\'s a feeling of injury, don\'t you know?
The drop in attendance was very noticeable when I started the parade route, although the organizers would undoubtedly insist that there were usually 1 million spectators.
In the last few years, when I was marching
Before Black life became importantBLM)
Pride was taken hostage in 2016
The audience lined up six or seven rows along Bloor and Yonge Sts.
On Sunday, in addition to the area closest to the center of gay village, one was lucky to see the attendees two or three rows deep.
Tory was wearing a black polo shirt with a proud flag on it, and when I asked him about his attendance, he got angry and said the rain convinced some people not to come.
\"This is the biggest celebration in the city and will still be held this year,\" he said . \".
Yeah, the organizers will blame. and-
It\'s raining, Will (did)Tory.
But, I said, while it didn\'t help to rain, the people who took part in the parade had decided to stay at home.
Long before the parade day, with BLM taking over pride, pride was dampened and police was the second year of the police ban --
This time to punish them for handling the investigation into the alleged serial killer Bruce MacArthur.
Many participants wore the decrees of the black and black parade at the end of the parade in honor of what MacArthur called the victims.
Many groups that approved the march followed the decree (
Can we say sheep? )
Provide participants with some form of black shirt with proper company logo and pride
Friendly information.
But the Black Parade
Led by Olivia nuama, executive director of Pride, and some of her teams, whose team includes the names of the gay men who were killed
There seems to be no impact.
BLM hijacked the procession in 2016 and jumped in without a permit last year, but was clearly absent. Little wonder.
They finished their work.
They took their lives from the parade.
You can see it on the group roster that approved the parade --
From countless eligible union members who have a lot of money to buy luxury cars, to angry social justice fighters, to corporate sponsors like digital media, or people who sell beer
And toothpaste, realize dinner (
Double income without children)
Is a profitable niche market.
You can see that the proud organizer has turned the parade to the left.
How they \"stylishly\" let the police down
They support open borders, there is no army, there is no future, there are no police and annoying signs of \"F-the police. ” (
After I posted the latter logo on Twitter and the person holding the logo, several people replied that the person would be a good candidate for the Ontario NDP. )
Whether all of this will affect the bottom line remains to be seen. Pride lost $1. 3-
Last year, I think it was mainly due to the police ban, but we had to wait until the audit report came out in the fall.
Still, I don\'t like to rain on the Pride paradeyet again —
But it looks like the police ban is encouraging a rain check this year. SLevy @ postmedia.
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